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3 Awesome Games to Play in the Hot Tub

Every parent has been there: it’s the middle of summer and the kids have already done everything on their summer bucket list. Or, everyone is stir crazy during the winter with nothing to do, all cooped up in the house. Your household is on the brink of insanity and you have to get creative fast. Here’s where your genius comes in: throw em’ in to play in the hot tub and relax as they entertain themselves, for a few minutes at least!

1. Water Words

Collect 26 ping pong balls and write a letter of the alphabet on each ball. Use an old pool noodle separated into small segments and cut those pieces in half, lengthwise. Toss the balls into the hot tub, turn on your jets and watch as the kids scramble to spell a word, putting the balls they catch into the noodle (like Scrabble’s letter tray).

2. Sponge Toss

To play in the hot tub, use some Frisbees, or plastic plates from the dollar store, draw numbers with a permanent marker or with stickers. Label your plates with numbers for points: 10, 20. 50- as many as you want. Then pass out sponges to the kids and let them try to throw the sponges on the floating plates to score. Turn the jets on low for an added challenge! 

3. The Song Game

This is perfect for a group of kids when there’s not much space to move around the hot tub. Each person takes turns thinking of a song, and without telling anyone the name of the song, picks one word from that song. Everyone else has to think of a song with that word in it, bonus points for guessing the original song. 

You can also add categories to make it more challenging for older kids, like all the songs guessed have to be a love song, a pop song, or from a movie.  

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