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3 Easy Breezy Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Swim Spa

It’s easy to believe that swimming is for the summer only, but with your swim spa, you can keep that aquatic fitness and recreation going all year long. Keep your Endless Pools® Fitness System in tip-top shape with these easy fall maintenance tips and you’ll enjoy a long-lasting, healthy spa system!

1. Check on Your Water

You may be used to keeping an eye on your swim spa’s chemical levels but chances are, you’re enjoying your spa more often as the weather starts to cool off. This means it’s more important than ever to check your water’s chemical balance when performing your fall maintenance. Also, don’t forget to take a quick rinsing shower before you enter your swim spa to get rid of contaminants like lotions or oils. This will help keep your water healthier, longer. 

2. Fall Maintenance for Your Filter

Don’t forget to clean your filter! Leaves and sticks are falling, which means dirt and debris are a major concern for your swim spa’s filter. Keep your entire system functioning at full capacity by cleaning and replacing your filter regularly. This also protects your plumbing, pump, and jet systems from potential damage. 

3. Drain and Refill 

Every three to six months, you’ll need to drain and refill your swim spa. A perfect time to do this is when the seasons change, and it’s definitely a job you’ll want to complete before the upcoming holiday activities take up all of your free time. Allowing your spa to drain completely keeps your systems clean and your chemicals working effectively. 

Are you ready to enter the amazing world of recreation and fitness with a swim spa? Contact SpaExpo! We’d love to help you compare models and we can’t wait to help you find the perfect fit for all your swimming needs.


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