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3 Fully Functional Hot Tub Accessories for Arthritis

Did you know that in the United States alone, it’s estimated that almost a quarter of the population has arthritis? If you have arthritis and own a hot tub, you’ve probably already found immense pain relief thanks to the therapeutic jets and warm water. But what if you could add fully functional hot tub accessories to make your spa sessions not only more comfortable, but safer too? Now you can! Here are the top 3 accessories for hot tub safety.

A Step Up for Hot Tub Accessories 

Reduce accidents and create a stylish entrance to your HotSpringⓇ spa when you add a few steps. They should be weather-resistant, slip-resistant, and made to hold at least 300 lbs for maximum safety. You can find high-quality stairs to complement any hot tub design fairly easily, making entering and exiting much easier.

Rad Railing

Looking for a bit of extra stability? Install one, or even two, handrails to your hot tub. Most hot tubs have a base plate feature in the cabinet, which allows you to secure the railing to the spa. A high-quality handrail is made to swing in and out of your hot tub, providing you assistance as you climb in, and as you leave your spa. This is the perfect hot tub accessory for both arthritis sufferers and younger spa users who need some added safety measures.

Lift Off

As a hot tub owner, you know how vitally important a good spa cover is. But the task of covering and uncovering can seem daunting, especially if you’re already in pain. That’s when a cover lifter swoops in to save the day! A cover lifter attaches to your spa’s shell and helps move the cover both on and off, requiring very little effort. 

Do you suffer from arthritis? A hot tub can help! Check out our amazing selection online, or swing by our showroom and take a look around. Our professionals at SpaExpo! can’t wait to help change your life with a new hot tub today.

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