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3 Games to Enjoy in Your Hot Tub This Summer

While relaxation is certainly one of the first things you should think about when it comes to enjoying your hot tub, it’s also a place to bring friends and family together. The next time you fire up the jets and are feeling a tad competitive, try these 3 games to enjoy in your hot tub this summer! 

1. Hockey — Hot Tub Style

All you need is a few people and a rubber duck for this one. Split into two teams, with your duck in the middle. The object of the game is to get the duck to reach the opposing team’s side of the hot tub. The twist? You can’t touch the duck! You must use the water to propel it forward. Turn on the jets for an extra challenge.

2. Bottle It Up

Using a full plastic water bottle, you must pass it completely around the hot tub using any body part except your hands. Elbows, knees, even your backside can all be used. However, you can’t use the same body part as the person next to you. No elbows to elbows, but elbow to knees works. Award a point for every successful pass. The first person who drops the bottle loses a point and must start the round over.

3. Musical Jets

Think back to elementary school when you played musical chairs. This game works the same except the goal is to find a spot where the jets are still on when the music cuts off. This game is perfect for families, and even the adults love it. Try it at your next family hot tub night and watch hilarity ensue.

Hot tubs are the perfect spot for combining relaxation and family fun. Contact us today at SpaExpo! if you have any questions about using your hot tub, and be sure to try these 3 games!

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