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3 Reasons Why Swim Spas are Perfect for Small Backyards

So you want a pool, but you have a tiny backyard. You don’t want your pool to take up your entire backyard, but you really, really want one. So what are your options? How can you make it happen? Check out these 3 reasons why swim spas are perfect for small backyards.

Bigger Than a Spa; Smaller Than a Pool

If you’re looking to get a pool for your backyard, a spa just isn’t going to cut it. They’re great, but you can’t swim laps in them. On the flip side, pools are just too big for small backyards. So, where is the happy medium? It’s a swim spa.

Swim spas are great because they’re just big enough to swim laps in, but not big enough to take up your whole backyard. So, even if your backyard is small, you can still have the pool experience without the size of the pool.

Get Two Water Features in One

What’s better than a pool? A pool and a spa! But if you have a small backyard, there is no way you’ll be able to find room for a pool, much less both a pool and a spa. The good news is, a swim spa isn’t just a perfect size compromise between the two — it’s a perfect overall compromise. As we mentioned before, a swim spa is the perfect size to swim laps in, so you can use it instead of a pool. But it also has heated water and jets, so you can also use it instead of a spa. Use it to swim, then as a hot tub. Maybe that’s why they call it a swim spa? (It’s definitely why they call it a swim spa). 

Make the Most of Your Backyard

Even in Texas, some people still decide to close their pool for the winter, especially if they don’t have a heater. So, if you have a small backyard, the pool is going to take up your whole backyard and you won’t even get to use it half the year! That’s not the case with a swim spa. Since a swim spa takes up less real estate, you’ll get to use more of your backyard all year. Plus, all swim spas are heated, meaning you can still use them when it’s cold outside. In fact, we encourage it! So, you will truly get to make the most of your backyard all year long.

Get a Swim Spa for Your Small Backyard Today

Now that you’ve read just 3 reasons why swim spas are perfect for small backyards, are you ready to find out more? Head on over to SpaExpo! Our Endless Pools® swim spas will be perfect for your small backyard. Plus, we have additional features you can add to make exercising at home even more fun. Contact us today if you have any questions. Or, you can stop by our showroom and our team can help you find the perfect fit for you and your backyard.

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