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3 Tips for Enjoying Your Hot Tub This Winter

When winter arrives, it’s typical to spend most of your time indoors. But that gets mundane quickly. Now that you have your spa, you can add soaking in a cozy, warm tub of swirling water to your everyday routine. Here are 3 maintenance tips to make enjoying your hot tub this winter season even better!

1. Find a High-Quality Cover and SAVE

Any cover can keep dirt and debris out of your hot tub. But a high-quality cover that locks onto your spa is what you really need. Not only will you protect your water from contamination, but you’ll also be able to hinder evaporation and prevent heat loss. Water evaporation happens quickly in the cold months, which affects the overall function of your spa. And, with a proper cover, you’ll save on energy costs since you won’t lose as much warmth — keeping your heater (and power bill) from shooting into overdrive.

2. Check the Water Level in Your Hot Tub this Winter

As we mentioned before, low water levels in your hot tub are a big, fat, no-no. When spa water falls below the skimmer level, it loses its ability to circulate. This means your hot tub could acquire the dreaded cold spots. Oh, the horror! The last thing you want is to slip into your tub in the middle of winter and find a patch of cold water. Need we say more?

3. Perform Regular Water Care

Since we’re on the topic of water, let’s talk about water care. If you need to drain and refill your hot tub, try to do this before temperatures get too chilly. The earlier in the season, the better. You may also want to ask that guests take a quick, rinsing shower before entering your Hot Spring® Spa to help lower contaminants to your water because water maintenance may be trickier in cooler weather. 

Are you in need of a hot tub to soak the winter blues away? Contact SpaExpo! We’ve got a beautiful selection of hot tubs, saunas, and even swim spas waiting for you! Call us, or shop online today.


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