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3 Tips on Using Your Sauna in Summer

“Using your sauna in summer.” That’s probably a string of words you never thought you’d hear together. I mean, who would want to get out of the Texas heat and go into MORE heat? Surprisingly, saunas are actually really great in summer. To truly enjoy it, try these 3 tips on using your sauna in summer.

Acclimate to the Heat

At the beginning of summer when pools have just been filled up, you have to take a little more time to acclimate to the chilly water. While some people think the best way to acclimate is just to jump right in, many prefer to slowly make their way down the pool steps until they’re fully submerged. By acclimating your body a bit at a time, you’re preparing yourself for the cold and getting used to it before being fully submerged.

The same concept works with your sauna in the summer. Some years we get acclimated slowly during spring, but in recent years the weather seems to have gone from cool to hot fast. You can acclimate to the heat by spending 15-20 minutes in your sauna in the morning before going outside. The sauna temperature is actually hotter than the temperature outside, so the heat outside will actually feel cool after your sauna session. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself.

Cool Down in the Water

If you’ve used a sauna before, you know that your body needs time to cool down between sessions. In the cooler months, you can just take a quick break outside your sauna before your next session. But, in the summer, it’s a little harder to cool down. Take advantage of the benefits of summer, like using your hot tub or swim spa to cool down. In between your sauna sessions, take a quick dip in the water at a lower temperature than you normally keep it. It’ll cool you down fast, and the contrasting temperatures will feel great — especially if you have a CoolZone™ system.

Seriously. Stay Hydrated.

Whenever you discuss spending time in a sauna, the topic of hydration always comes up. Even though you’re just sitting there, you’re working up a sweat, so staying hydrated is super important. This becomes even more important in summer, when you’re exiting your sauna into even more heat. Even if your sauna is inside your home, the summer heat will dehydrate you. So drink that water. Fill up on electrolytes. Keep yourself healthy and #KeepAustinHealthy by taking care of yourself while enjoying your sauna in the summer.

Use Your Sauna in Summer

Now that you’ve read these 3 tips on using your sauna in summer, are you more open to the idea? If so, don’t wait until the cooler months to make your purchase. Stop by SpaExpo in Austin, Texas. We sell custom cut Finnleo® indoor saunas and will help you pick the perfect one for your home. These saunas can fit in any awkward and/or open space in your home, and the perfect one will provide leisure and relaxation all year round. Contact us today to get started on living your best life this summer.

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