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3 Types of Friends Who’ll Visit Your Hot Tub

Hosting a party in your hot tub means you’ll be privy to seeing your friends in a completely comfortable atmosphere, bringing out their true colors. This is usually a good thing, and makes for great stories to tell at someone’s wedding or birthday, but it also helps to be prepared for some of the shenanigans that could happen. 

1. The Life of the Party

This person can be the glue to your group, always inventing awesome ideas for adventures and usually gets in the most trouble. You know that with them in your spa, everyone will have a great time. The drawback to this friend is they can sometimes get a bit too excited. If you’re serving alcohol at your get together, consider plastic drinkware to reduce the risk of broken glass in your spa. You may also want to serve snacks that help absorb alcohol in the stomach to keep your partier from feeling sick. 

2. The Sober One

You may also have a friend who chooses to remain sober for your party. Whether by choice or because they drew the short stick as the DD, it’s a good idea to think of drinks you can serve that don’t require alcohol to taste good. Margaritas and pina coladas are good options for a non alcoholic option.

3. The Introvert

Whether they’re new to your group, or just have trouble with crowds, the introvert is often one of your closest and most loyal friends. After you’ve convinced them the world won’t end if they come hang out with you and the gang, it can be a good idea to have some ice breaker games to help settle your shy friend into a comfortable repertoire. 

Hot tubs are one of the best places to host a party and get the most out of your spa. Let the experts as SpaExpo show you a vast selection of high-quality hot tubs for both private relaxation and group get togethers. 

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