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4 No-No’s for Using a Hot Tub

You love your hot tub, it’s become like part of your family by now. And, even though you’ve gotten your maintenance schedule down like clock-work, there may still be some things you’ve never thought of. Help keep your spa in tip-top shape and your family safe by knowing what’s not always a good idea while using your hot tub.

1. Say No to Fido Using Your Hot Tub

It’s easy to want to share every special moment with your furry loved one, but having them join you in the hot water isn’t one of them. Animals regulate body heat differently than humans and can quickly overheat while using your spa. It’s also bad for your hot tub as pet hair can clog the filter and flea shampoos can alter the chemical balance of your water. 

2. Keep it Low While Using Your Hot Tub

Most newer hot tub models have a limit on the temperature, keeping it from reaching above 104 degrees. Even though hot water feels great, setting your spa higher than 104 puts unnecessary strain on your cardiovascular system. For the most therapeutic experience, keep your spa between 100 and 102 degrees and drink plenty of water.

3. Where There’s Thunder, There’s Lightning

Remember when you were a kid and went to the public swimming pool during summer break? And they made everyone get out at the first inkling of stormy weather? Well, the same applies to soaking in your spa. Never stay in the water if you can see lightning or hear thunder. 

4. Unsupervised Play

Hot tubs are great for kids to play in, de-stress, or complete physical therapy, but you should never leave a child unsupervised in a spa. Keep the temperature low, offer plenty of fluids, and always be nearby. Or, join them in the warm water and steal a few precious moments of quality time.

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