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4 Things about Hot Tubs You Never Knew

4 Things about Hot Tubs You Never Knew

You know the old saying “There’s nothing new under the sun”? Well, that may be true, but we can still learn a whole lot about this ole’ world and the things we love to enjoy. And hot tubs, believe it or not, are more than just bubbles and jets. Here are a few fun facts to think about the next time you are enjoying a relaxing soak:

1. Crunching Munchies

Did you know there’s a best and worst snack to indulge in as you sit in your swirly little world? Popcorn is the best snack because it floats, making spills easy to clean up. Potato chips, on the other hand, are the worst; sinking and quickly turning to mush and making them nearly impossible to scoop out. 

2. Hot Tub Holiday

Hot tubs deserve a little appreciation too, I mean they offer so many healthful benefits why not take a day to celebrate? So, the next time March 28th rolls around, break out the bathing suits, candles, and mood music and go for a nice long soak in your spa, you know, to show your gratitude…. 

3. Statistical Fun Fact

There are 18 thousand people enjoying a hot tub right this minute, and there are also over 25 million hot tubs on the planet today.  There are as much as 47 thousand bottles of champagne enjoyed while sitting in a hot tub annually. That’s a lot of bubbles. 

4. Monkey See, Monkey Do

Even the primates understand the benefits of hydrotherapy and have created their own version of a hot tub. The Japanese Macaque, a monkey native to Nagano, Japan will sit in hot springs for up to five hours a day for the social benefits and for their physical health.


For more information on hot tubs, contact us or stop by our showroom. Let our expert staff at SpaExpo walk you through our amazing options and start enjoying all a hot tub has to offer today. 


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