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4 Ways Swim Spas Beat Land-Based Workouts

outdoor swim spa for an austin home

When compared to working out on land… the evidence is clear. Working out in a swim spa is the better choice! Land-based workouts cause excessive wear and tear on your joints. According to TIME, 79% of runners experience a workout-related injury, often related to their knees and feet. While land-based workouts are a great way to burn calories, training in a swim spa is a great alternative. There are hundreds of workout possibilities when you own an Endless Pools Fitness System.

Resistance Training in an Endless Pools Fitness System

Ideal workouts include resistance training for both your upper body and lower body. Having a swim spa in your Austin home means you can hop in the water and complete your workout whenever it’s convenient for you.

The swim current generator that made the Endless Pools name so recognizable is what makes resistance training in a swim spa better than a land-based workout. In the water, there’s less stress on your joints and your muscles are supported, meaning you can stay at peak performance level without risk of injury.  

Here are some great resistance training options in an Endless Pools Fitness System.

Core Exercises in your Austin Swim Spa

Raise your hand if you want tight abs!

Now raise your hands if you think it’s easy to have tight abs!

Core exercises are essential to look great, but also to build your core muscles. These exercises aren’t easy, but you’ll see maximum results when you do them against the current generated by an Endless Pools Swim Machine.

Hold onto the side of the swim spa and do crunches or pikes against the current. Or you can do one of these exercises.

Swimming, Biking, and Running in an Endless Pools Swim Spa

Land based workouts like biking and running are effective because they burn a lot of calories. And they’re fun! With a swim spa, you can get the same results without the risk of injury you have when you do the same exercises on land.

Running in an Endless Pools Fitness System is easy and fun with an underwater treadmill. Run as fast as you’re able without the gravity-induced pounding on your joints.

Here are some tips to use the underwater treadmill.

An Endless Pools AquaBike gives you the same workout comparable to what you’d get in a triathlon… but it’s all in the comfort of your swim spa.

And of course, you can swim in an Endless Pools Fitness System for a great workout. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely swim or an intense workout, you can adjust the swim current to match your needs.

An Endless Pools Fitness System Helps You Recover

After an intense workout, an Endless Pools Fitness System allows you to sit back and enjoy its relaxing hydrotherapy. With an Endless Pools swim spa, you have a fully functional home wellness system that is both convenient and beautiful.

If you’re recovering from an injury, a swim spa is still a great option. Many elite athletes begin working out in the water before they can workout on land again. The massaging jets coupled with the buoyancy of the water make it the ideal option for recovery.

It’s so easy to get a full workout when you own an Endless Pools Fitness System. You can install a swim spa inside, outside, in a basement, on a deck, or anywhere you want to create the perfect home gym. Give us a call today to schedule a walk-through, or come into the showroom and test an Endless Pools model for yourself.

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