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5 Tips for Installing a Hot Tub Indoors

While most hot tub owners install their hot tub outside, you can also opt for installing a hot tub indoors. With the Texas heat, it may even make your spa sessions more comfortable year-round. Keep in mind it can make the delivery and installation process a bit more complicated. But then, isn’t anything worth having, worth working for? Check out these 5 tips to make installing your hot tub indoors a bit easier, and soon you’ll be soaking away — day or night, in your magnificently unique indoor space.  

1. Pick the Right Floors for Your Indoor Hot Tub

Each time you exit your hot tub, up to a gallon of water can follow you out and onto your floor. Try to pick a flooring that won’t rot, such as wood or carpet. It should be non-slip with a matte finish to prevent accidents. You’ll also want to plan for your drain installation. Consider adding a drain to your floor for easy servicing and maintenance. 

2. Keep Water Access in Mind

One of the biggest considerations you’ll have to think about is where your water will come from. Hot tubs need to be drained and refilled about every 3 to 4 months. You may want to think about installing a water spigot for easy access. 

3. Fan Out Moisture

Hot tubs are … you guessed it, hot! And, where there’s heat, there’s moisture. You’ll need to make sure that the room you pick for your spa is well ventilated. An exhaust fan is ideal. Consider adding a ceiling fan too if you don’t already have one. Your walls will also need to be moisture resistant. Glass or concrete are good options. You could also use a rot-resistant wood such as cedar.   

4. Consider Chemicals Carefully When Installing a Hot Tub Indoors

Because you won’t have an open space to ventilate for chemicals, the chlorine smell can become very strong. You may want to choose a spa model that supports a water care system like the FreshwaterⓇ Salt System, which uses salt to create natural chlorine — and has way less chlorine odor.

5. Ask an Expert

Our 5th and final tip for installing a hot tub indoors is to consult a professional. Setting up your spa is a big job no matter where you do it, but asking an expert to help, even if it’s a simple question, can make this task much simpler.

Are you ready to jet away your stresses? Contact SpaExpo! We’ll help you find the perfect hot tub and answer all your questions about installation.

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