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6 Hot Tub Accessories You Definitely Need

Are you looking to get the most out of your hot tub in 2021? It’s so easy with amenities and extras from SpaExpo! Consider using additional accessories and upgrades to make it the best experience possible. By doing so, you can better enjoy your spa time, feel safer using your hot tub, and find the relaxation and comfort you need. Check out these six hot tub accessories that you definitely need.

Entertainment Hot Tub Accessories

Sometimes, you want to build a great space for entertaining. Your hot tub is absolutely a space to get the party started. Here are a few accessories to make your hot tub a space your guests never want to leave.


There is nothing better than enjoying your spa at night. When the air is crisp and chilled, jumping into a warm spa is the perfect option. To make the night better, consider using these types of lights in your hot tub. 

String Lights – Outline your pergola, canopy or deck with string lights to add a dash of fun.

Floating Lights – Water-safe lights for your hot tub come in a variety of shapes and styles for you to choose from.

Underwater Lights – Make your water glow with different color options. These are perfect to change with the seasons or even decorate a little on the holidays.


Nothing beats listening to your favorite tunes while enjoying the warm bubbles in your hot tub. Lucky for you, the hot tubs from SpaExpo come with some exceptional audio options built right in to your spa. And just like with your lights, there are even options for floating or underwater speakers.

Safety Accessories

You want to make your hot tub incredibly easy to get in and out of.  To make things easier, try using the following add ons.


If you have an above ground hot tub, steps are a must. Steps are especially important if you have trouble lifting your legs or bending your knees. You’ll have ease of entry, plus exiting will be safe and secure.


If you are going to have steps, then another essential accessory that you might need are railings. These can help with stability and balance. Railings can help get you easily get up your steps and provide support when you get in and out of your hot tub. 

Comfort Accessories

Hot tubs are meant for relaxation and comfort right? There are things you can use to add to your experience though. Use these hot tub accessories to reach the ultimate level of relaxation.

Seats and Pillows

Laying in the lap of luxury should include some luxurious amenities. Ergonomic seats and comfortable spa pillows can definitely set the stage for success! 

Cup Holders

Making sure you are staying hydrated is a great way to increase your hot tub enjoyment. Cup holders offer a spot to place your drinks without having to get out of your spa. You can even find floating cup holders to make sure you never even have to leave the water.

These are six hot tub accessories that you definitely need! And when you need the right hot tub to go along with all of those accessories, you know just where to find one. At SpaExpo, we are experts in all things hot tub. Download your free brochure or request pricing today. Or, come in and check out the different models for yourself. With exceptional choices from Hot Spring® and Freeflow®, you’ll absolutely love your hot tub life. 

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