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6 Reasons Saunas Can Improve Overall Health

There’s a misconception surrounding gsg_saunas. People often think gsg_saunas are only for the rich, country clubs and expensive gyms. Not anymore!

At Spa Expo of Austin, we carry Finnleo®Home Saunas and are helping homeowners add them to homes and adding tremendous benefits for the health and wellness of families. Here are six benefits with regular use of a sauna.

Let’s Circulate

It is a known fact that with increased body temperatures, the blood vessels expand and aids in better circulation. This benefit can help with a number of ailments. Whether post-exercise muscle soreness, diabetes secondary symptoms, or arthritis and general joint pain, increased blood flow helps improve recovery.

Bye-Bye Toxins

Sweating is the body’s way of regulating the internal body temperature which increases blood flow. This aids the body (and skin) in releasing the toxins we absorb from our environment. As traffic, environmental hazards like pesticides and herbicides, and other stresses increase, detoxification becomes more important than ever.

Stress-Free Zone

Finnleo® Home Saunas are better than a Calgon bath! Cortisol is the stress hormone that can become unbalanced in our busy and task-filled lives. Setting aside 20-30 minutes a few times a week for a ‘sweat session’ can calm the mind and body for some much-needed relaxation.

Fight Back Against Illnesses

Got a tough cold to kick? The increased temperature and steam can aid in sinus congestion and increasing white blood cell counts to help fight illnesses and kill viruses. For a bonus benefit, add some Eucalyptus or Melaleuca (also known as Tea Tree) oil to the water. Not only does it help with airborne germs, it smells heavenly!

Make it Date Night or a Pal Party

When needing time away from everyday stressors, take some time with your love or your best friend. This could be a great social outlet that works better than a tub of Ben & Jerry’s® and GoT ™ binge watching. Removing yourself from electronics and food by focusing on those around you, not only improves relationships, it is better for the waistline, heart, blood pressure, and overall health.

Burn, Calories, Burn

You won’t walk out looking like Giselle or Tom Brady, but you will definitely lose some calories along the way. Since it increases blood flow, heart rate, and detoxifies the body, studies have suggested that a moderately healthy person can burn around 300 calories. It will also increase oxygen levels in the blood.

Finnleo® Home Saunas are a terrific option for improved overall health, social relationships, or simply some time for self-care. Many go from day to day doing so much and being responsible for others, taking the time for oneself never makes the critical to-do list. For more information on our Finnleo® Home Saunas, give us a call, and come visit for expert advice on how to add a Finnleo® Sauna to your home.

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