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7 Hot Tub Health Benefits You Never Knew About

We all know that there is nothing better than soaking in your hot tub after a hard day. But what if we told you that sitting in your hot tub can be very beneficial to your health? It’s common knowledge that hot tub sessions help you to unwind at the end of the day, but here are seven hot tub health benefits you never knew about.

Muscle Relaxation

While it’s clear that sitting in the hot tub is very relaxing, did you know that the reason behind this is because the hot water relaxes your muscles? The hot water and pressure combined with the jets creates a type of heat massage to release any muscle tension or tightness.

Looking for even deeper and more enjoyable relaxation? Try using hot-tub-safe aromatherapy products in your water to enhance your experience.

Pain and Ache Relief

People who deal with things like arthritis and joint pain often find extreme relief from these pains in their hot tub. The water creates a kind of weightless experience to release any tension on the joints or aches that may cause problems.

Deeper Sleep

Hot tub sessions before bed can actually help you have a deeper night’s sleep. In a study done of adults who deal with insomnia, taking a soak in the hot tub right before bed helped to produce the same kind of body temperature drop that happens during the early stages of sleep. By doing so it helped to produce a deeper and more restful sleep.

Decreased Stress

Stress and anxiety are often carried in the shoulders or other muscles. Just like we’ve discussed, your hot tub helps to relieve this muscle tightness, and by doing so helps to relieve the tension caused by stress. It can also boost your mood with transformational endorphins — leaving you feeling calm and less stressed.

Lower Blood Pressure

A study done by the Mayo Clinic showed that 15 minutes in a hot tub can be more beneficial than 15 minutes on a stationary bike. In this study, researchers examined and tested 15 patients who were at risk for heart disease. They found that exercise actually caused blood pressure to rise while 15 minutes in the hot tub caused it to decrease dramatically. 

Promotes Weight Loss

When you soak in a hot tub, multiple triggers happen in your body to help improve weight loss. One of the main things that we’ve already discussed is that your body in a hot tub relaxes and lets go of stress. Stress and anxiety are often a big hindrance to weight loss. On top of that, sitting in a hot tub introduces an effect called passive heating. Basically, one hot tub session can be comparable to exercising for a half-hour.

Better Cardiovascular Health

By immersing yourself in warm water, the added pressure from the water signals to your heart to work harder and increases blood flow. This increased blood flow helps to keep your heart strong and improve your cardiovascular health.

These seven hot tub health benefits that you never knew about can absolutely transform your life and health. Now what are you waiting for? Go jump in the hot tub! Don’t have one yet? Visit our website to see some of the top hot tub models produced by HotSpring® and Freeflow Spas®, as well as grab your free brochure. When you are ready to get started on your journey to ultimate relaxation, give us a call at 512.894.8530, or stop in-store to view your sensational options in person. 

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