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Above Ground Pool vs. Swim Spa

So, you want to add some fun to your backyard. You’re debating between an above ground pool vs. swim spa. What gives you the most bang for your buck? What will your family enjoy the most? Let’s discuss your options.

What Space Do You Have?

When deciding between above ground pool vs. swim spa, one of the most important considerations is space. Not everyone has a large backyard, and an above ground pool needs a large amount of space. Not only for the pool itself, but for storage of all of the items needed to maintain it, decking around it, and more.

On the other hand, a swim spa doesn’t need a lot of space. Swim spas are a fraction of the size of an above ground pool. But, the current from the jets in the swim spa helps you get the same feeling of swimming across the pool. In fact, some people say a swim spa provides an even more natural swimming experience than swimming laps in a pool. 

How Much Maintenance Do You Want?

Both an above ground pool and a swim spa require maintenance. Even with routine maintenance service, you’re still going to have to do some work yourself. So how much work do you want to do? An above ground pool takes up more space, so in the end, it’s going to require more maintenance than a swim spa. 

What Are Your Goals?

One of the most important questions when making this purchase is to ask yourself: Why are you buying this? Both above ground pools and swim spas are large investments, so you shouldn’t make this decision lightly.

Unless you’re planning on hosting really large parties, a swim spa can do just about anything an above ground pool can do. You can have family fun, fun with friends, swim, relax — you name it. You can even do more in an Endless Pools® swim spa with accessories like a bike or treadmill. So, all of your fitness, social, and relaxation goals can be met with a swim spa. Can an above ground pool do the same? Maybe, maybe not.

Do You Want to Use It All Year?

The biggest downside to pool ownership is not being able to use your pool all year. After last February, it’s clear that even in Texas, we have to close our pools down for at least a couple of months out of the year.

But a swim spa can be open all year long! Swim spas run on the same heating technology as a hot tub, not the same technology as a pool. This means that even in the cool of winter, you can stay warm when exercising or relaxing in your swim spa. 

In the debate between above ground pool vs. swim spa, an incredible swim spa is clearly the winner. And if you’re ready to get one for your backyard, head on over to SpaExpo in Austin. We’ll help you pick the perfect Endless Pools swim spa to meet you and your family’s needs.

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