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Aquatic Dance Therapy in your Swim Spa

While there are numerous types of workouts and exercises that can improve your health and build strength, not all of them are suited to all people. Some come with heavy weights and increased risk of injury. Others require extreme movements that might not be compatible with injury. What you need is an exercise program that you can do from your home. You need aquatic dance therapy in your swim spa.

What is aquatic dance therapy?

Aquatic dance therapy is a type of therapy used for both exercise and relaxation. Those who struggle with different bodily pains and aches may find comfort with aquatic dance therapy. The water allows for resistance and calorie burning while also providing weightless relaxation and easy movement. 

This type of therapy allows for those who are looking for simple yet effective exercises. Exercising in your swim spa doesn’t add to current pains that you may be experiencing. Instead, it helps to remove your pain while increasing your strength. Aquatic dance therapy is a main reason that so many people choose to have a swim spa installed at home.

Some other reasons people turn to dance therapy in their swim spas is because of things like arthritis, joint pain, anxiety, Parkinson’s, sports injuries and multiple sclerosis. If you have been dealing with any of that, consider the benefits of this type of therapy.

Benefits of Aquatic Dance Therapy

Aquatic dance therapy provides an endless list of benefits for you and for any who struggle with pain in your body. Some of the main benefits that you may see are:

  • Increased muscle strength
  • Continued endurance
  • Improved flexibility
  • Ease of joint ache and discomfort
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Weight loss

If you are looking to build muscle, lose weight, and improve your overall health, then consider a swim spa for your aquatic dance therapy.

Endless Pools® offers the perfect options for you to practice aquatic dance therapy from your home. These swim spas provide endless water streams as well as temperature gauging that can help set the perfect environment for your therapeutic movements.

Dance Therapy Choices

Looking for different exercises and dance therapy options? Consider looking into some of the following:






These and other similar types of dances are often used by instructors in the water and in swim spas to provide a better experience. 

Take It To the Next Level

Are you looking to burn extra calories and shed those few extra pounds? There are a few ways you can increase resistance, weight, and difficulty to help improve your health and reach your weight loss goals.

Water Weights: These aquatic weights add increased difficulty for strength training.

Resistance Bands: Some swim spas come with places to attach resistance bands that help to improve strength and increase muscle gain.

Ankle Weights: Just like water weights, ankle weights make your feet and legs heavier to make exercises more impactful.

Light-Weight Dumbbells: Unlike water weights, these have a specified weight and are held while doing your exercises.

Now that you have all the information that you need, it’s time to get started. SpaExpo! provides the top options for Endless Pools swim spas. Whether you are looking for aquatic dance therapy or prefer swimming in an endless current, you’ll find all of the amenities you need with Endless Pools. These state-of-the-art swim spas require little maintenance and are sure to give you years of increased health. Visit our website today to find the perfect option for your needs.

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