Rock N Row with a swim spa

If you’ve been eyeing a swim spa exercise system for a while now, you know that they come with some amazing benefits. Not only can you get a wonderful variety of exercise routines and recovery methods, all from one machine, but you can also get some great bonus features that will transform your workout from […]

How Big Should My Hot Tub Be?

covana cover

The hot topic for today is how big your new hot tub should be. Delving into the decision process for that new piece of paradise should have at least these 4 questions answered. So grab a measuring tape, pen, and paper and narrow down your choices. The SpaExpo of Austin is here to help guide […]

Do I Have to Have a Fence Around My Hot Tub?

Are you concerned by city regulations about a new hot tub and requirements of a fence? According to the Austin City Ordinance 20060928-110, the rules only apply to public facility use. Private residences do not fall under this code, so having a fence is more of a personal choice. The SpaExpo of Austin has some […]

Buying a New vs. Used Hot Tub

  Thinking about saving a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars by buying a used hot tub? Let’s look into factors that may make it not seem as good of a deal as what you hope. The simple fact about buying new is not only having abundant additional options in your purchase, but […]

Top 5 No-Nos for Using a Hot Tub

Don’t be a rebel about hot tub use. Even though our nature is to ignore rules when doing what we want, there are certain things that just don’t pay to play around with. Hot Tub use is to calm and relax after a hard workout or long day, but there are good reasons behind knowing […]

What is the Ideal Length of Time to Spend in a Hot Tub

Covana and HotSpring

Is a new hot tub sitting outside your door whispering your name or is it still waiting for its new home at The Spa Expo of Austin? With so many benefits of a good soak, it is good to understand how long you should spend relaxing in the warm, bubbly water. It is also important […]

HotSpring Spa Expo | This Weekend Only

Don’t miss this huge HotSpring Spa Expo! We have HotSpring hot tubs and Endless Pools Fitness Systems factory direct at huge savings. Save up to $3,000 on select hot tubs and swim spas. Financing available. We’re open from 10am until 6pm Friday and Saturday. Closed Sunday. Stop by and check out our selection. Bring your […]

How to Get a Post-Injury Total Body Workout in a Swim Spa

Did you twist your ankle when jumping in rage at the Game of Thrones series ending? Or was it the glory touchdown in the flag football game with the cousins at the family reunion that caused a torn ACL? Not to worry. The Spa Expo of Austin has the perfect solution for your welness goals […]

6 Reasons Saunas Can Improve Overall Health

There’s a misconception surrounding gsg_saunas. People often think gsg_saunas are only for the rich, country clubs and expensive gyms. Not anymore! At Spa Expo of Austin, we carry Finnleo®Home Saunas and are helping homeowners add them to homes and adding tremendous benefits for the health and wellness of families. Here are six benefits with regular […]

Is a Saltwater Hot Tub for You?

You’ve decided you want a hot tub! You’ve been hearing about the trend of saltwater hot tubs and want to know — what’s the difference between saltwater spas and traditional systems? Saltwater tubs have tremendous benefits; however, there are a few points that may not be as attractive to some buyers. Why Many People Choose […]