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Beware of Traveling Spa Expos – It’s Not Us!

Check out this post from Hot Tub Insider for further information

SpaExpo of Austin is not to be confused with traveling spa expos that are here today and gone tomorrow. Sure, their prices can be enticing, but often with these traveling shows, you get what you pay for. So beware of “This Weekend Only Hot Tub Blowout” sales put on by these temporary shows. What are the major differences between our established and reputable business and traveling spa shows?

1) A traveling spa show is NOT a business

These spa shows are not a business but a “roll into town” carnival that disappears the following Monday. This means NO local representation and NO follow-up service after the sale. What if your hot tub breaks or needs maintenance that’s beyond what you can handle? Who will you call? Certainly no one from the traveling show.

At SpaExpo, no only do we sell quality hot tubs and spas, we provide excellent award-winning service. It’s not just a business transaction, it’s a relationship. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and can help with any maintenance or service your hot tub will need in the future.

2) A traveling spa show has NO WEBSITE

It is impossible to do your homework before attending a traveling spa show – and when it comes to hot tub shopping, you definitely need to do your research! While they spout that they are promoting top brands, but which brands are those? If you knew what brand was there you would research that brand and most likely not go to the show.

Their “websites” are just landing pages that offer little to no information on it, aside from their “great prices.” There is no place to leave a review, good OR bad.

On our website, you can do plenty of research on the right hot tub for you. Plus, SpaExpo is a reputable dealer of some of the best spa brands in the world: HotSpring Spas and Freeflow Spas. And if you have questions about a spa that interests you? You can contact us

The takeaway? Traveling spa shows use the word “expo” in their marketing to confuse shoppers to believe they are dealing with SpaExpo of Austin, the leader in the Austin market since 1982. Don’t be confused! SpaExpo is NOT a traveling spa show. We are an established, reputable business with the best products for the very best price. Stop by our showroom or schedule a test soak in any of our spas today!

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