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Buying a New vs. Used Hot Tub


Thinking about saving a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars by buying a used hot tub? Let’s look into factors that may make it not seem as good of a deal as what you hope. The simple fact about buying new is not only having abundant additional options in your purchase, but they also come brand, spanking new with a warranty. When looking into buying a used unit, take into consideration these important factors.

Age isn’t just a number

The age of a hot tub is important to factor it’s longevity worth. If you buy one more than a few years old, you are closer to some expensive maintenance and repair costs. It will be important to inspect the unit in person as to the visual and mechanical conditions prior to purchasing.  A new hot tub will only have quality control time added to its age.

Quality and Mileage on the old gal

How much (or little) the hot tub was used is also a good factor in whether you are getting a good deal. If the seller was a hot tub party central, then likely the extended use of parts to maintain function may be a bit worn out. On the flipside, if it was rarely used, be sure to check for signs of neglect. Knowing the points of a high-quality tub is just as important as well. Buying new gets you shiny, new out-of-the-box excitement. HotSprings® Spas are also known to be built with pride and quality in the U.S. Check out this video to see just how strongly they feel about their reputation.

Location, Location, Location

When a hot tub is not suitably setup on solid or weight sound foundations, there is a greater risk of warping and cracked frames. If it is set below the surface, such as suspended in decking or dropped to ground level, it will be harder to ascertain the condition. Cracks, leaks, and the equipment access panel will be difficult to inspect and the removal to get it home will increase potential damage. A tub straight from a dealer or the manufacturing plant will ensure there has not been a history of poor frame settling of the hot tub.

Inspect the Gadget

More than just the motors and pumps, the casing, shell and electronics of a hot tub also determine the worth of the hot tub. As technology has advanced, so have the features of hot tubs. What may seem like a great deal will suddenly turn into a money pit if you find it won’t hold temperature, has a crack in the fiberglass or acrylic that causes water leaks, damage to the casing, or digital components do not work. Additionally, more costly repairs could be pumps that don’t evenly distribute the water jets, gaskets and seals have dried out and cracked, and a host of more potential (and expensive) repairs that just don’t make it such a good idea after all.

Boiling down to this

When considering a used hot tub, decide what the age, physical condition, placement, and functioning condition should be that will determine the saving potential. Look for a hot tub that has been well cared for and is clean functioning, and set on a solid foundation. Asking for a maintenance history isn’t being intrusive either. I some instances, using gut instincts about a seller will be a good clue on deciding it will be worth the extra savings. Pressuring or evasive sellers should be a red flag to let this deal pass you by.

Got questions? Our Spa Expo of Austin staff have the answers. Take a look at our hot tub lines online, come by our Austin showroom, or call to let our staff give you the best information and advice on what the best options are for you.

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