Can Children Use Saunas?

Mother and daughter sitting in a sauna

Sometimes using the sauna as a family can be an enjoyable experience. Plus, it’s time that you can spend together. That being said, the big question that comes up is can children use saunas? The answer to this is ‘yes’, but under strict guidelines. Since children’s bodies can’t regulate heat as efficiently as adults, the […]

Ladies Night in a Swim Spa

Ladies enjoying swimming and drinks in a swim spa

Do you and your girlfriends love having a ladies’ night, but you’ve run out of things to do? Why not spend the night in and have a ladies’ night in the swim spa? Together in your swim spa, you can both exercise, as well as enjoy a ladies’ spa night. Still not convinced? Let us […]

Aquatic Dance Therapy in your Swim Spa

While there are numerous types of workouts and exercises that can improve your health and build strength, not all of them are suited to all people. Some come with heavy weights and increased risk of injury. Others require extreme movements that might not be compatible with injury. What you need is an exercise program that […]

Have a Better 2021 with Your Hot Tub

This year, as with most years, has been full of ups and downs. Around this time each year, we all make vows to help create a better future, not just for ourselves, but for family and friends as well. So, what is the one thing that could help you achieve almost every resolution you’re about […]

5 Ways a Hot Tub Can Make You a Healthier Person

Whether you’ve always been a health guru, or you’ve recently hopped aboard the Wellness Train, chances are this year has made you more health conscious than ever before. So, how can you make a long term investment in both your mind and body? A hot tub of course! We’ve put together a quick little list […]

3 Super-Fast Ways to Ease After-Workout Soreness

It’s day one on your fitness journey, and after a wonderful total body workout, you can start to feel the soreness creeping into your muscles as you make your way home. Previous attempts at fitness have taught you that you’ll have to act fast if you want to be able to walk like a normal […]

5 Illnesses Treated by Hot Tub Therapy

When you think about a hot tub, you probably picture hanging out with friends or enjoying a romantic evening with that special someone. But did you know that hot tubs were first invented to treat an illness? In fact, people have been using pools of hot water to treat all sorts of ailments for hundreds […]

New PCOS Treatment? Study Eyes Hot Tubs 

You’ve just left your doctor’s office, diagnosis in hand. While learning you have PCOS can be overwhelming news, there are things you can do to help relieve symptoms, and not all of them require pills or involve side effects. In fact, there’s a new PCOS treatment coming to light, thanks to a surprising study at […]

Increase Your Flexibility with a Sauna!

Flexible woman in a sauna

Becoming more flexible is not always easy. Stiff muscles and joints, and even past injuries can stop us from reaching the full range of motion that comes with flexibility. However, becoming more flexible comes with many health benefits. Here’s a tip: you can increase your flexibility with a sauna! You Don’t Want to Miss the […]

Can You Use Your Sauna in Texas During Summer?

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other part of the country that meets the high temperatures and thick humidity that us Texans are used to every summer. It may even make you wonder why you would use a spa treatment like a sauna in this heat. Why not just step outside? However, when you use […]