4 of the Easiest Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Hot Tub

It’s official, summer is over. But you don’t have to be too sad, because we’re entering prime spa season! Before you fire up the hot tub though, your spa probably needs some fall maintenance. But don’t worry, it’s easy. Here’s what to do.  1. Drain it  Hot tubs, with the exception of saltwater spas, need […]

3 Super-Fast Ways to Ease After-Workout Soreness

It’s day one on your fitness journey, and after a wonderful total body workout, you can start to feel the soreness creeping into your muscles as you make your way home. Previous attempts at fitness have taught you that you’ll have to act fast if you want to be able to walk like a normal […]

Is a Saltwater Hot Tub Right for You?

So, you’ve decided to buy a hot tub. That’s awesome! You’re about to enjoy nearly-endless health benefits, supreme relaxation, and have the perfect entertainment spot right outside your door. But before you can bring home the perfect spa, you also need to choose a water system. Is a saltwater hot tub right for you?  What […]

5 Tips for Installing a Hot Tub Indoors

While most hot tub owners install their hot tub outside, you can also opt for installing a hot tub indoors. With the Texas heat, it may even make your spa sessions more comfortable year-round. Keep in mind it can make the delivery and installation process a bit more complicated. But then, isn’t anything worth having, […]

Hot Tubs: Not Just for the Rich & Famous Anymore

If you’ve been living with the impression that hot tubs are just for the super-wealthy, we’re happy to tell you that it’s simply not true! While it is an investment, it’s a smart one. Think about all the years a hot tub will provide you with health benefits and entertainment from the comfort of your […]

Do You Have to Have a Fence Around Your Hot Tub?

You’ve picked out the perfect hot tub, and now you’re anxiously awaiting installation and your first luxurious soak. All of a sudden, a thought creeps into your head and you wonder if you’re forgetting something. It’s pretty common knowledge that pools must have some kind of safety barrier, but what about your spa? Do you […]

5 Illnesses Treated by Hot Tub Therapy

When you think about a hot tub, you probably picture hanging out with friends or enjoying a romantic evening with that special someone. But did you know that hot tubs were first invented to treat an illness? In fact, people have been using pools of hot water to treat all sorts of ailments for hundreds […]

What are the Typical Dimensions of a Hot Tub?

Imagine stepping into your own private spa after a long day at work, or in the early morning hours to start your day off right. Having a hot tub in your backyard to soak anytime you want is a dream come true. When you bring any vision to life, you start with a well-designed plan. […]

New PCOS Treatment? Study Eyes Hot Tubs 

You’ve just left your doctor’s office, diagnosis in hand. While learning you have PCOS can be overwhelming news, there are things you can do to help relieve symptoms, and not all of them require pills or involve side effects. In fact, there’s a new PCOS treatment coming to light, thanks to a surprising study at […]

Minimize Hot Tub Maintenance with Technology

Hot tub maintenance technology makes it easier to care for a hot tub

The thought of spending an evening soaking in your hot tub probably brings a smile to your face. That smile might disappear, though, when you remember that it’s time to do some maintenance on your hot tub. What a chore, and what a bore! Isn’t there an easier way? Well, yes. You’d be surprised that, […]