Coolest Summer Date Night in a Hot Tub!

Couple enjoys a summer date night in a hot tub

When you think of steamy date nights in your hot tub, you probably reserve those dates for cooler months when the weather is a bit chillier. But a hot tub date night in the middle of summer? In Texas? At SpaExpo, we say, “Absolutely!” Here’s how you and your partner can plan the coolest summer […]

How Hot Spring Spas are Made

Hot Spring Spa made in Vista, California

All the time we’ve spent at home this year has highlighted how nice it is to have a backyard that serves as the perfect summer staycation zone. People are turning to pools and spas like never before to create their personal oasis. With the unexpected rise in demand for spas, manufacturers are still trying to […]

Is Your Hot Tub Getting Too Hot?

Hot tubs are made to create and retain heat, but sometimes in the summer, your spa can do that heating thing a little too well. If you’re worried about your hot tub getting too hot, there are some things you can do to prevent it and even correct it once it’s started. How to Prevent […]

3 Games to Enjoy in Your Hot Tub This Summer

While relaxation is certainly one of the first things you should think about when it comes to enjoying your hot tub, it’s also a place to bring friends and family together. The next time you fire up the jets and are feeling a tad competitive, try these 3 games to enjoy in your hot tub […]

Promote Relaxation With These Plants Around Your Hot Tub

Almost 1 in 5 people suffer from some type of anxiety, and a hot tub is one of the best ways to treat your symptoms. In fact, regular spa sessions are great for insomnia, stress, and other mental health issues that everyone struggles with to some degree. To even further transform your backyard into a […]

How Long Should You Spend in a Spa?

When it comes to feeling good, no one wants to put on a timer, but when you soak in your hot tub, you may wonder how much time you should spend in a spa? You definitely want to soak long enough to reap the amazing benefits of hydrotherapy, but not so long that you overheat. […]

Recycling Gone Mad! Water Your Plants Using Spa Water

We sometimes take water for granted, but in the summer months, we’re quickly reminded what a precious resource it is. Especially if we’re experiencing a drought. There are several things you can do to conserve water, even when it comes to your hot tub. The next time you have to drain and refill your hot […]

Do More Jets Mean a Better Spa?

You’re walking down the aisles of the Big Box store, shopping for the perfect hot tub to bring home. You notice that a lot of the spas offer an abundance of jets. The phrase “more means better” pops into your head. So, do more jets mean a better spa? Actually, no. When it comes to […]

3 Reasons Hot Tubs are the Best for Families

It’s pretty common knowledge that hot tubs are the best for relaxing. But did you know they’re perfect for things like bringing your family closer together? It’s sometimes hard to find things every member of your squad can enjoy, but hot tubs are the best, making it easier than ever to get quality time together. […]

Who Is The Best Hot Tub Store in Austin, Texas?

SpaExpo is one of the best hot tub stores in Austin Texas

FINDING A HOT TUB SHOWROOM With so many in-ground pools built in and around the Austin area, one would wonder how a hot tub dealer in this market, in a somewhat arid climate, could prosper. Reality is, only first-time pool owners include a ‘built-in’ hot tub with their pool. An attached hot tub is really […]