Increase Your Flexibility with a Sauna!

Flexible woman in a sauna

Becoming more flexible is not always easy. Stiff muscles and joints, and even past injuries can stop us from reaching the full range of motion that comes with flexibility. However, becoming more flexible comes with many health benefits. Here’s a tip: you can increase your flexibility with a sauna! You Don’t Want to Miss the […]

Can You Use Your Sauna in Texas During Summer?

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other part of the country that meets the high temperatures and thick humidity that us Texans are used to every summer. It may even make you wonder why you would use a spa treatment like a sauna in this heat. Why not just step outside? However, when you use […]

Cold Shock after Sauna Session: Healthy or Dangerous?


You’ve just entered your sauna and your steaming away tension, stress, toxins, and even combating pain. Once you’re ready to get out, what should you do next? Maybe you have a skin regime to complete, or you unusually slip on pajamas and prepare for a great night’s sleep. But, did you know there’s another option? […]

What Time of Day Should You Use Your Sauna?

custom cut sauna

The question on when the best time for a sauna session could be a topic of debate among users. The pros and cons of the after-effects boil down to the individual. The staff at the SpaExpo of Austin would like to help give some insight and explain the benefits to determine what time is right […]

6 Reasons Saunas Can Improve Overall Health

There’s a misconception surrounding gsg_saunas. People often think gsg_saunas are only for the rich, country clubs and expensive gyms. Not anymore! At Spa Expo of Austin, we carry Finnleo®Home Saunas and are helping homeowners add them to homes and adding tremendous benefits for the health and wellness of families. Here are six benefits with regular […]

Custom Cut Saunas – Made to fit your space

sauna custom infrared steam

The sauna that you’re dreaming of doesn’t have to come off the shelf. Custom cut Finnleo gsg_saunas can fit a new home, a remodeling project or the space you already have. Your sauna will become part of the natural flow of the room you choose. NEW HOME If you’re including a sauna in your new-home […]

Daily Sauna Helps with Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a chronic disorder that is characterized by widespread pain and tenderness in different parts of the body. Although the disorder is chronic, research has proven that thermal therapy, infrared therapy and sauna bathing is beneficial for those suffering from this condition. Thermal therapy has long been used to relieve the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.  Research […]

Saunas for “your space”!

custom cut sauna

Finnleo Saunas offer a large selection of models to fit your lifestyle and your space.  Custom Cut gsg_saunas make up the majority of sales nationwide!  Why? Because Finnleo manufactures custom units at no additional cost.  Just send us your builder’s plans or even an accurate sketch with measurements and the factory will provide a cut […]