Why Every Couple Needs a Sauna

A couple in towels talking while they sit in the sauna together

Everyone knows that saunas are one of the best ways to relax and to also stay healthy. Some of the health benefits include things like lower cholesterol, easier weight loss, and relief from pain and aches. But did you know that when you enjoy the sauna with your significant other, you can find even more […]

Can Children Use Saunas?

Mother and daughter sitting in a sauna

Sometimes using the sauna as a family can be an enjoyable experience. Plus, it’s time that you can spend together. That being said, the big question that comes up is can children use saunas? The answer to this is ‘yes’, but under strict guidelines. Since children’s bodies can’t regulate heat as efficiently as adults, the […]

How to Maintain Your Infrared Sauna

A Finnleo® infrared sauna can be a luxurious source for relaxation. By sweating, you can burn extra calories and rid your body of harmful toxins. While there are numerous benefits to a sauna, you’ll need to make sure to clean it regularly. That’s why we’ve outlined some of the top guidelines that you can use […]

5 Sauna Accessories to Enhance Your Spa Experience

One you’ve set foot in a sauna for yourself, there’s no denying that saunas are a wonderful spa experience on their own. As you step into your transformative steam room, your mind and body embark on a restorative journey that brings you peace, relaxation, pain relief, and so much more. But, did you know there […]

Surprising Sauna Culture Around the World

If you’ve ever experienced a sauna for yourself, there’s no doubt in your mind why it’s been a popular practice for thousands of years. Here in America, we have a specific picture of what a sauna session looks like: entering a beautifully built room, and unwinding both mind and body with steamy heat. But what […]

Pros and Cons To Indoor Saunas

You’re finally ready to jump on the health train, and after all your research it’s clear that indoor saunas are the way to go! Bringing warmth (quite literally) and relaxation into your home is no doubt one of the best investments you’ll ever make. SpaExpo! has everything you need to design your very own indoor […]

Steam Your Way Through the Holidays With a New Sauna!

The holiday season is no doubt the most exciting and anticipated time of the year. But with all the hoopla, it can be hard to keep healthy and well rested. That’s where a sauna comes in! You can steam your way through the holiday stress with a new sauna, and tackle everything that comes your […]

Increase Your Flexibility with a Sauna!

Flexible woman in a sauna

Becoming more flexible is not always easy. Stiff muscles and joints, and even past injuries can stop us from reaching the full range of motion that comes with flexibility. However, becoming more flexible comes with many health benefits. Here’s a tip: you can increase your flexibility with a sauna! You Don’t Want to Miss the […]

Can You Use Your Sauna in Texas During Summer?

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other part of the country that meets the high temperatures and thick humidity that us Texans are used to every summer. It may even make you wonder why you would use a spa treatment like a sauna in this heat. Why not just step outside? However, when you use […]

Cold Shock after Sauna Session: Healthy or Dangerous?


You’ve just entered your sauna and your steaming away tension, stress, toxins, and even combating pain. Once you’re ready to get out, what should you do next? Maybe you have a skin regime to complete, or you unusually slip on pajamas and prepare for a great night’s sleep. But, did you know there’s another option? […]