Above Ground Pool vs. Swim Spa

So, you want to add some fun to your backyard. You’re debating between an above ground pool vs. swim spa. What gives you the most bang for your buck? What will your family enjoy the most? Let’s discuss your options. What Space Do You Have? When deciding between above ground pool vs. swim spa, one […]

The Top 5 Reasons to Get a Swim Spa

Summer is winding down, and it has honestly been the weirdest summer ever. All across the United States, it has been super hot, yet also really rainy. There just hasn’t been a good chance to enjoy all that summer brings. Now you’re looking at ways to continue the fun of summer throughout the rest of […]

Kid-Friendly Swim Lessons in a Swim Spa

It’s nearing the end of the summer, and you’ve realized that your kids aren’t quite the best swimmers. So, it’s time to start thinking about swimming lessons. But again, the public pool will be closing for the season soon. What are your other options? Try having kid-friendly swim lessons in a swim spa. Why a […]

3 Reasons Why Swim Spas are Perfect for Small Backyards

So you want a pool, but you have a tiny backyard. You don’t want your pool to take up your entire backyard, but you really, really want one. So what are your options? How can you make it happen? Check out these 3 reasons why swim spas are perfect for small backyards. Bigger Than a […]

3 Revolutionary 4th of July Celebration Ideas

Ladies enjoying swimming and drinks in a swim spa

The 4th of July is a time for celebration and to enjoy time with friends and family. To help you do this, we’ve put together three revolutionary 4th of July celebration ideas. These are ideas that are sure to bring people together to have a great time.  When you are planning your Independence Day parties […]

Less Screen Time, More Swim Spa Time

Father teaching daughter to swim with family in the swim spa

With warmer summer weather on its way, it’s time to start thinking about what you and your family are going to be doing during your summer break. Unless your kids have something else to do, summertime will become screen time. Instead, why don’t you do less screen time and more swim spa time? SpaExpo! offers […]

Ladies Night in a Swim Spa

Ladies enjoying swimming and drinks in a swim spa

Do you and your girlfriends love having a ladies’ night, but you’ve run out of things to do? Why not spend the night in and have a ladies’ night in the swim spa? Together in your swim spa, you can both exercise, as well as enjoy a ladies’ spa night. Still not convinced? Let us […]

Aquatic Dance Therapy in your Swim Spa

While there are numerous types of workouts and exercises that can improve your health and build strength, not all of them are suited to all people. Some come with heavy weights and increased risk of injury. Others require extreme movements that might not be compatible with injury. What you need is an exercise program that […]

How to Properly Care for a Swim Spa

Are you finally able to call yourself a swim spa owner? Congratulations! Welcome to the plethora of life-changing benefits that comes with owning an Endless Pools® swim spa, like: improved fitness, more fun, and even better sleep! Just like every big investment you’ve ever made, a swim spa requires some attention to keep it running […]

3 Easy Breezy Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Swim Spa

It’s easy to believe that swimming is for the summer only, but with your swim spa, you can keep that aquatic fitness and recreation going all year long. Keep your Endless Pools® Fitness System in tip-top shape with these easy fall maintenance tips and you’ll enjoy a long-lasting, healthy spa system! 1. Check on Your […]