3 Easy Breezy Fall Maintenance Tips for Your Swim Spa

It’s easy to believe that swimming is for the summer only, but with your swim spa, you can keep that aquatic fitness and recreation going all year long. Keep your Endless Pools® Fitness System in tip-top shape with these easy fall maintenance tips and you’ll enjoy a long-lasting, healthy spa system! 1. Check on Your […]

Turn your Swim Spa into a Gym for the Best Workout Ever

swim spa

Turn your Swim Spa into a Gym for the Best Workout Ever Ready to dive into fitness? Or, maybe you’re a seasoned exercise guru in need of a little spice in your everyday routine. Wherever you are on your fitness journey, one thing is for sure: you don’t have to splurge on gym memberships to […]

How to Get a Post-Injury Total Body Workout in a Swim Spa

Did you twist your ankle when jumping in rage at the Game of Thrones series ending? Or was it the glory touchdown in the flag football game with the cousins at the family reunion that caused a torn ACL? Not to worry. The Spa Expo of Austin has the perfect solution for your welness goals […]

Cranes are not always needed to install an Endless Pools SwimSpa

swim spa crane

An Endless Pools Fitness System arrives pre-plumbed and ready to install on any sound, level surface: transform your patio, convert your garage, or as most of our customers do, dedicate and build a new outdoor space.  A concrete pad that’s a minimum 6″ thick is recommended and can be provided by local contractors should you […]

We’ve Got You Covered

Spa Expo offers the best swim spa on the market. Catalina Olympic Swim Spas are made with mahogany wood that covers the outside of the swim spa and protects your swim spa. Spa Expo’s Swim Spa comes with a Lifetime Warranty on Mahogany Cabinet, 10 year warranty on the shell structure and 5 years for […]

Rise of the Swim Spa

There is no doubt that swimming is a great exercise for people at any age. Not only does swimming make you look and feel great, it even improves your health overall. Some of these improvements include; cardiovascular health, low impact on joints, builds muscle mass, and swimming burns 500-650 calories, (medicine net). I think most […]