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Community First at SpaExpo At SpaExpo, we understand that COVID-19 is a very serious virus and we are implementing recommended preventative actions as put forth by state and local authorities along with the Centers for Disease Control. The safety of our customers and our employees is a top priority.  The Department of Public Health is […]

Hot Tub Safety Basics

Bringing home a new addition to your family is always exciting! You’ll be using your hot tub so much it will soon feel like a member of your squad! Whether it’s strictly for the enjoyment of your household, or open to the neighborhood, it’s smart to come up with a few ground rules for the […]

3 Awesome Games to Play in the Hot Tub

Every parent has been there: it’s the middle of summer and the kids have already done everything on their summer bucket list. Or, everyone is stir crazy during the winter with nothing to do, all cooped up in the house. Your household is on the brink of insanity and you have to get creative fast. […]