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Cold Shock after Sauna Session: Healthy or Dangerous?

You’ve just entered your sauna and your steaming away tension, stress, toxins, and even combating pain. Once you’re ready to get out, what should you do next? Maybe you have a skin regime to complete, or you unusually slip on pajamas and prepare for a great night’s sleep. But, did you know there’s another option? Taking a cold shower. Is it safe? Why would you even want to? The answers may surprise you.

From Steamy to Chilly 

While the idea may sound shocking, it’s actually a common practice in Nordic cultures, especially Finland. The effects of “cold plunging” are immediate and truly enhance your sauna experience. You’ll enjoy: reduced inflammation and pain from conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, improved circulation, elevated heart rate, adrenaline, and endorphins, added detox, and even improved skin health. 

How Can I Start?

If you don’t have a swimming pool or icy weather, a good place to begin is in your shower. It’s probably the easiest as you can get in and out immediately. You could also take a dip in your pool or, if you want to go au natural, step outside in frosty weather…. Au natural… if you get our drift. 

What are the Dangers?

The only real danger to cold shocking your body after a session in the sauna is staying in the cold for too long. You should only stay in the cold 15-20 seconds. Staying in the cold for an extended period of time draws too much heat from the body and can have extreme consequences. You should also avoid cold plunging if you suffer from high blood pressure, or you’re pregnant. 

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