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Coolest Summer Date Night in a Hot Tub!

When you think of steamy date nights in your hot tub, you probably reserve those dates for cooler months when the weather is a bit chillier. But a hot tub date night in the middle of summer? In Texas? At SpaExpo, we say, “Absolutely!” Here’s how you and your partner can plan the coolest summer date night in a hot tub.

Baby, turn the lights down low … and the hot tub temperature.

In the morning, turn your hot tub temperature down to a more comfortable temperature. You really only need to turn it down to 97°F. Since that’s lower than the average human body temperature, the water will feel cool to you and your partner when you soak that evening. However, if you have the CoolZone™ system, you can turn the temp of your Hot Spring spa down as low as 60 degrees!

Then, as the sun sets, set the mood with some soft tea lights and candles around your hot tub for a romantic glow. Or simply switch on the fun LED lights in your hot tub for an exhilarating light show. Over the course of the day, the weather, and your hot tub, will have cooled off enough to enjoy with your partner.

Then add a splash of romance with a chilled beverage.

Just before you hop into your hot tub, fill a bucket with ice, and chill your after-hot-tub drinks. Some select models of Freeflow spas, like the Azure and Excursion, even have built-in ice buckets! Perfect for having your drinks nearby and ready to sip.

Whether it’s a fancy bottle of white wine, a couple of beers from your local brewery, or even your favorite soda, it’ll be nice and cold by the time you’re done in the hot tub. Pop the tab or fill a glass, then make a toast to you both and your relationship. Here’s to you!

Yes, you can have the coolest summer date night in your hot tub, even in Texas. Stop by SpaExpo today for accessories and water care supplies to prep your hot tub for summer use (and for your date night!). Don’t have a hot tub yet? Pre-order a new Hot Spring hot tub now! Stay cool, Austin!

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