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Cranes are not always needed to install an Endless Pools SwimSpa

An Endless Pools Fitness System arrives pre-plumbed and ready to install on any sound, level surface: transform your patio, convert your garage, or as most of our customers do, dedicate and build a new outdoor space.  A concrete pad that’s a minimum 6″ thick is recommended and can be provided by local contractors should you decide to place your swim spa on ‘top of the ground’.  This is the most economical installation and easiest for a delivery crew to maneuver the swim spa into place.  Sometimes trees, fences, landscaping or A/C equipment can hinder access when moving your swim spa and a crane is the answer.  Most 12′, 15′ and sometimes even a 17′ models can be delivered with our 6 man delivery team.  Cranes are always necessary on the large 20′ models simply due to weight.  Customers always ask if the crane sets up on their driveway and the answer is ‘no’.  Cranes are set up in the street, a parking lot or an alley.  In rural areas the cranes set up in the grass in a field or empty next-door lot.vaulted swim spa

You may prefer sinking your swim spa for a more ‘built in’ look.  Typically a vault is made with concrete base and side walls, then drains installed to dissipate any water that collects around the base.

No worries, SpaExpo of Austin provides pre-delivery site inspections so we partner with the customer throughout the process.  We’ve delivered hundreds of swim spas in and around Austin so you can rely on our expertise when you start your planning.  Stop by our showroom for a test swim, the water is fine!

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