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Creating Privacy Around Your Hot Tub

Something you may notice the first time that you go to sit in your hot tub is that you are visible to all of the neighbors and anyone else around. Sometimes it’s difficult to relax and enjoy yourself in your hot tub with a lack of privacy. With that in mind, we’ve provided four inexpensive ways of creating privacy around your hot tub. Since every yard and property is different, you’ll need to identify which option best works for you.



Plants are the perfect option for creating a private area, while also beautifying the space and making it feel natural. You can try planting different types of plants and shrubbery next to your hot tub to create privacy. Plants like bamboo, hedges, and trees create great private areas as well as providing excellent shade and ambiance.

If you don’t have the space for larger plants, consider using a plant trellis. This is just a tall wall that plants can use to grow upward. As they do, the wall and the plants give you the privacy around your hot tub that you are looking for.



Fences, depending on how you want them built, can be a little bit more expensive.  That said, they provide great privacy. The two main ways you can set up a fence for privacy is along the side of your hot tub or as a complete enclosure around your spa or even your property. Fences are more customizable than plants, which means you can make it look and feel however you want.



By far the priciest option is to build structures specifically for your hot tub. These provide the privacy you need as well as add in some luxury and elegance to the yard space. Some of the most popular structures built for privacy around hot tubs are pergolas, pavilions, and gazebos. Other, more portable options are structures like domes and tents. These provide great privacy but don’t have quite the elegance of a pergola or gazebo.

One structure that people often forget about until their hot tub is already installed is the house itself. Your house provides great privacy from neighborhood eyes and it doesn’t cost you anything extra to build it. Consider areas around your house that may offer some privacy from neighborhood viewpoints.



These can sometimes be the least expensive of all the options. Accessories are simple tools that can be used to quickly provide the privacy you need. These accessories can include items like curtains, blinds, umbrellas, and screens. Some of these work and look better when paired up with structures to surround your hot tub. Some are simple things that can even be installed on your hot tub directly. If you get creative, there are many ways to create privacy for your hot tub area.


We know that your hot tub is important to you. That’s why we have all of the options that you need. At Spa Expo, we can help you to find the perfect hot tub and answer all your questions as well. Start by giving us a call today!


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