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Do I Have to Have a Fence Around My Hot Tub?

Are you concerned by city regulations about a new hot tub and requirements of a fence? According to the Austin City Ordinance 20060928-110, the rules only apply to public facility use. Private residences do not fall under this code, so having a fence is more of a personal choice. The SpaExpo of Austin has some key factors to take into consideration if it makes sense to have a fence.

Lock it Down

Some will argue that having a fence for your yard is to keep others off your property. Protecting your investments in yard décor, furniture and additions such as a hot tub is just good sense. It isn’t typical to have strangers wandering around the neighborhood, but a fence is a good deterrent in keeping them away from your personal space.

S-A-F-E-T-Y (dance)

Hot tubs are typically covered with a top to prevent any incidences of smaller kids getting into some mischief. They are not designed to load bear weight and can be lifted with ease. A fence not only keeps people from seeing what you have in your yard, it helps alleviate any potential legal responsibility in the case of an accident occurring on your property.

Somebody’s Watching Me

For some homeowners, it is a matter of protecting property, for others, they like privacy. The running trend for many years has been a privacy fence that blocks the visual landscape and contents from street view. Unless you have that pesky neighbor Wilson, you aren’t likely to have interruptions while enjoying your hot tub.

Consider your personal preferences and community responsibility as to having a fence. As it is not regulated by governing entities, the decision is yours. If you are considering a hot tub and want more information on your best options, give us a call or come by to see the great selection we have. Bring your bathing suit for a test soak and imagine a hot tub just waiting outside your back door.

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