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Do More Jets Mean a Better Spa?

You’re walking down the aisles of the Big Box store, shopping for the perfect hot tub to bring home. You notice that a lot of the spas offer an abundance of jets. The phrase “more means better” pops into your head. So, do more jets mean a better spa? Actually, no. When it comes to investing in something as life-changing as a spa, a better motto is “quality over quantity”.

Why More Doesn’t Usually Mean Better When It Comes to Jets

When you think about soaking in a deliciously warm spa, letting the water pressure take care of all your tension and stress, do you want a total body massage? Or 30 jets all blasting the same area, with the same water pressure? Adding extra jets to a hot tub is a really easy way for a cheaper spa manufacturer to make their product look great, without actually contributing to your hydrotherapy experience. 

What to Look For

Now, don’t get us wrong, jets are a wonderful thing and are, in fact, what make hot tubs so effective at what they do. But not every jet is the same. So, as you’re shopping for the perfect spa, here are a few things to look for:

  • Are the jets set in a variety of places? You want the water to be able to reach all of your trouble zones. From the base of your neck to the bottom of your spine and more.
  • Do they vary in size? Larger muscle zones need bigger jets, while smaller target areas should have smaller jets. This is what really makes your massage effective. Bonus points if you can adjust the position of the jet!
  • Can you control the settings? Some days, all you want is a light bubble to relax and rest your mind. Other days, you may be struggling with tension and pain and really need a powerful punch to work out the knots. Check that the spa you’re interested in has the option for different pressures. 

Are you ready to bring home the best personal masseuse you could ever have? SpaExpo! has just what you need when it comes to high-quality hydrotherapy. Contact us today and see what our jets can do for you! 

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