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Do More Jets Mean a Better Spa?

When it comes to choosing a new spa to add to your backyard, you may be twitterpated by the idea of owning a spa with the most jets you can get. Surely more jets means a better spa and thus a better hydrotherapy session, right? Not so fast. Owning a spa with too many jets for your purposes could prevent you from enjoying your spa as much as you think you would.

Let’s put it like this: using a spa with too many jets can feel more like you’re getting blasted directly from a garden hose nozzle that’s turned on too high, times one hundred, from too many directions.

Does that sound like the spa experience you were going for? No? In that case, we have some advice for you when it comes to deciding on how many jets you want to have in your new spa.

“More the Merrier” Versus “Quality Over Quantity”

Often we think “the more the merrier” when it comes to hot tub jets. But that’s not always the case. When it comes to selecting the amount of jets you want your spa to have, it’s better to go with the mindset of “quality over quantity.”

Getting a relaxing, refreshing hydrotherapy massage from your hot tub doesn’t require more jets; it requires properly placed jets that are designed to give you the therapeutic massage experience you’re looking for. So, in your spa search, research the kind of jets you want and need, as opposed to how many jets you want instead.

What Level of Hydromassage Do You Want?

If you’re an athlete in need of a spa that gives a deeper, more invigorating hydromassage, look for a spa with stronger jets specially designed to target certain muscle groups. If you’re looking to buy a hot tub to recline in and relax with a soft massage, go for a hot tub with gentler jets and a lounge seat. Or, if you’re in need of various levels of hydromassage, consider getting a spa with adjustable jets.

According to Hot Spring®, “If you are after a seriously enjoyable hydromassage experience, choose a brand that offers a number of different jet types: big, pulsating jets for larger muscle groups in your back and shoulders; powerful directional jets to loosen up a sore neck or work out tired calf muscles; and a strong jetstream to soothe aching feet.”

With this in mind, each Hot Spring spa has been specially designed to maximize comfort and provide all the benefits of a hydromassage, without adding too many extra jets in the process. Plus, their jets are adjustable, so you can get whatever level of hydromassage you want or need.

This is also why they created their innovative Moto-Massage® DX Jet. Here’s how it works: two streams of warm water sweep up and down the entire length of your back, soothing tired muscles and loosening all the little knots of tension. So much better than an irritating garden hose nozzle blasting you from too many directions.

So remember: when deciding on jets in your spa, think “quality not quantity” instead of the “more the merrier.”

If you’d like to experience the high-quality Hot Spring® jets yourself, schedule a test soak with us at the SpaExpo showroom in Austin. Remember to bring your swimsuit and any questions you have about the quality of jets we offer in all of our hot tub models.

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