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Hot Tub Maintenance in the Wintertime

What could be more relaxing than taking a nice hot soak in your hot tub when the weather gets chilly? The winter is the most popular time for hot tub users and you’ll want to keep your hot tub in tip top shape all season long. Maintenance for your spa is a bit different in the colder months versus the summertime, so here’s a few tips to keep you on a schedule. 

Winter Weather Water Care

The number one thing to remember about your hot tub in the winter is to keep a check on the water level. Especially if you don’t get around to using it as much. Make sure to keep the water levels up to prevent freezing. Periodically keep a check on your water’s chemical levels, even if you’re not using it regularly. Sometimes you get busy, specifically around the holidays. But, it’s vitally important to remember to balance your spa water, keeping it ready to use and prolonging the life of your spa. 

Keep it Covered

Never leave your spa uncovered for a long period of time. This maintenance tip applies all year long, even when you don’t think leaves or other debris is around to pollute your hot tub. Rain water, ice, and snow can still have a negative effect on your water’s chemical balance. You should also keep a regular check on your cover’s condition; watching for tears or rips. If you need a replacement cover, SpaExpo offers high-quality hot tub covers to protect your spa for years to come. 

Bonus Tips

Here are a few extra tips to make your hot tub wintertime maintenance easier:

  • Invest in a floating thermal blanket for more energy efficiency
  • Change the water and clean your hot tub in the fall to keep from having to deep clean in the cold
  • Brush off any snow from your cover deeper than an inch to protect your hot tub cover

Have a specific question about hot tub maintenance? Contact SpaExpo for expert advice, or stop by the showroom for a test soak and find the perfect hot tub to help you through those winter days. 

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