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How a Hot Tub Can Help You Cope with Holiday Stress

The holiday season is right around the corner. From Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas to New Year’s Day, there are many festivities to prepare for. And while celebrating the holidays is fun and joyful, it is also incredibly stressful. One holiday can be a lot for anyone to handle, but having holidays back-to-back can be extra time consuming and really exhausting.

This is where a hot tub can transform into being more than just a luxury item, but an essential tool for practicing self-care and keeping yourself healthy both physically and emotionally. If you are overcome with stress, the holidays just aren’t fun anymore. A hot tub can help you to release that stress, so you can focus on enjoying the holidays and cherishing time with friends and family.

Here is how your hot tub can help you cope with holiday stress.


Preparations for the holidays is very physically demanding. You’re running around doing holiday errands and shopping. You’re on your feet for hours in the kitchen cooking big meals and holiday treats. And of course, you’ve got to haul out big boxes of holiday decorations and climb up and down ladders to hang them up. And you’re doing all of this for at least three different holidays and a variety of festivities. You’re going to be going to parties, hosting parties, passing out treats and running around after kids. You may even dance for an evening or two.

All of these activities are going to take a toll on your body, especially your back and your feet.

A nightly soak in your hot tub after a flurry of holiday activities is exactly what your sore body needs. Massage away your holiday aches and pains with warm water and pulsating jets. Practice gentle stretches while you’re in the water, too, to keep your muscles fluid and limber. Taking a moment for yourself to massage away your aches will keep you fit and relaxed throughout the holiday season. That way you can easily hop up and hit the dance floor with the kids, and not worry about sore muscles.


Along with being physically demanding, holiday stress is emotionally draining as well. While it’s great spending time with family, sometimes it can feel overwhelming to never get a moment alone. Or, if you aren’t able to spend as much time with family as you’d like this holiday season, that takes an emotional toll as well. You may have even suffered a loss within your family, and that can make the holidays especially hard.

Whatever your situation, the holidays bring out a lot of emotions in all of us, good and bad. And that is why, no matter what holiday it is, you must take some time to practice self-care. Go for a walk around the neighborhood. Find a quiet place at home to take a breather.

If you can, carve out a moment to have a private soak in your hot tub. Breathe deeply and exhale through your nose. Lean your head back and relax your body. Don’t worry about decorations or shopping or traveling. Just focus on you for a minute.

Or, if this is the first moment you and your spouse have had alone, set aside time to spend an evening in the hot tub. Talk about your day. Relieve your frustrations to one another. Laugh together over something funny that happened during preparations or a party. Let go of what’s bothering you and cherish the joy the holidays bring. All the while, let the warm water and jets massage away the physical aches. It’s a great combination.

If holiday stress is starting to overwhelm you, take a moment to recoup in your hot tub. Whether you need to melt away aches and pains or need to take a breather to settle your emotions, a hot tub can be a great tool to help you cope with holiday stress. At Spa Expo, we have a wonderful selection of hot tubs that would be a wonderful (and helpful) addition to your backyard during the holiday season. Stop by our showroom in Austin, or schedule a test soak.

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