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How Deep is a Hot Tub?

When it comes to shopping for the perfect hot tub to meet all of your hydrotherapy needs, one of the first things you’ll need to know is how big you need it. The dimensions of your chosen spa play a factor in where you’ll be able to install it, as well as how many people you need to accommodate. It can even effect your overall hydrotherapy experience. Asking yourself “how deep is a hot tub?” can really point you in the right direction to find your perfect spa. 

How high is a standard hot tub?

Technically, there is no “standard” of hot tub height. But, it’s safe to assume that most spas will measure about 36” tall. In fact, you can bet that most hot tubs stand between 34” and 42”. This affects not only the place you want to have your hot tub installed, but is a determining factor in the ease of entering and exiting. If a higher hot tub is what you desire, fear not! You can always add steps, along with rails, to make a taller spa safe and easy to use. 

What’s the difference between height and depth?

Just because your hot tub is tall, doesn’t necessarily mean it will be deep. The height of a hot tub is found by measuring the exterior bottom of the unit to the top. However, the depth is measured by how deep the water actually is. It’s not uncommon for there to be a good 5” to 6” between the top of the water line to the top of the unit. This means that a spa with a 36” height will usually measure 31” deep. And, a 42” hot tub will be around 37.5” deep. 

Things to Consider

Does the depth of your hot tub REALLY matter? Actually, yes. A taller, deeper spa can be slightly more difficult to enter and exit. But, it also allows for a greater hydrotherapy experience. If the water only reaches your mid-back, how will the jets take care of pain and stiffness in your shoulders or neck? On the flipside, a shallower spa may be more comfortable for social gatherings. 

The main point is to pinpoint exactly how important high-quality hydrotherapy is to you. If you’d like the option to use your hot tub for natural pain relief, a deeper hot tub may be best. But, if it’s a place your family and friends can come together and relax, you can be more flexible about your options.

What about an inground hot tub?

Planning to install your hot tub in-ground? Most in-ground hot tubs are around 31” and measure 37” in height. If this doesn’t sound deep enough for you, rest assured your in-ground hot tub should be plenty deep enough to achieve your relaxation goals. Actually, keeping your hot tub on the shallower side for your inground installation helps prevent certain health risks. 

Come on down to SpaExpo!, or shop our amazing selection of hot tubs online and find the perfect size spa for all your tranquility needs today!

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