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How Deep Is a Hot Tub?


How deep is a hot tub? That’s an interesting question. It could have a couple of legitimate responses.

Which hot tub are you talking about?

Sure, it sounds silly. But the question is asking, “How high do airplanes fly?” Some planes can fly higher than others. How high they fly typically depends on what they were designed to do. 

The same can be said for hot tub depth. Hot tubs come in a range of depths, often most closely associated with what they were designed to do.

The Hot Springs® Grandee has a seven-person capacity. It has a height of 38”. The water inside the spa is usually filled to about five inches below the top. How deep is the hot tub? This one is approximately 33”.

On the other hand, the Jetsetter LX, also manufactured by Hot Springs, is a luxury hot tub that is 33” high. With an approximate depth of 28”, it features enough room to comfortably seat up to three people, although it is probably more often used by two.

The height of the Hot Spot two-person TX model is shorter at 29”. That’s a water depth of about 24”.

A pattern is beginning to appear. Which leads to the second response to the question, “How deep is a hot tub?”

What is the ideal depth for your hot tub?

Ultimately, nearly every question you have during your search for a new hot tub can be answered most accurately by “What works best for you?” That question also works for determining the number of jets you want to the available financing options.

Only you can determine what is ideal for you. A lot depends on how you intend to use your hot tub. For complete-body hydrotherapy, you will more than likely want a spa that seats you comfortably so that the water comes just above your shoulders.

You may not want it to be quite as deep for general relaxation and a full-body timeout.

You will need to consider who else will be using your backyard spa. Do you have young children? At what depth will they be safest and most comfortable?

How do you determine the ideal depth for your hot tub?

It’s a lot easier than you think. After your questions have been answered and you are close to making a buying decision, we strongly recommend a test soak. We’ll arrange a convenient time for you to take a private “test drive.” 

During that experience, you will learn first-hand your ideal depth. And, you will be amazed at how many of your other preferences will come into focus at the same time.

Frankly, there is no other way to assure yourself of the best buying decision, including how deep your hot tub should be, until you take a test soak. We’ll know by the smile on your face when you’ve found what you are looking for. We’ve even got a mirror so you can see the same smile we see!


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