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How Hot Spring Spas are Made

All the time we’ve spent at home this year has highlighted how nice it is to have a backyard that serves as the perfect summer staycation zone. People are turning to pools and spas like never before to create their personal oasis. With the unexpected rise in demand for spas, manufacturers are still trying to catch up. If you were looking to buy a Hot Spring® Spa, you might have discovered that there’s already a long waiting list. The next hot tub delivery isn’t expected until August. Why the long wait for a Hot Spring Spa? Let’s take a look at how Hot Spring Spas are made, all the way in Vista, California

People make Hot Spring Spas, not robots.

Hot Spring Spas are built by hand — from designers to operators to plumbers to inspectors — from start to finish. Although they use state-of-the-art machinery and technology, their dedicated team of hard-working craftsmen and craftswomen operate everything. Plenty of human hands mold, plumb, and assemble your new spa, so it takes time and patience.

Hot Spring Spas go through multiple rounds of testing and inspections to ensure quality. 

Quality doesn’t just happen overnight. That’s why the Hot Spring team thoroughly inspects and tests each spa as they build. It’s not a rushed inspection at the end of construction. Forming the interior shell, plumbing, assembly … every detail is rigorously checked along the way. Each Hot Spring Spa gets an individual document, called a traveler, that the team uses to ensure that every single inspection has been completed. A Hot Spring spa doesn’t leave the factory without everything checked off on it!

Why go through so much effort? Because for the Hot Spring team, it’s their job to ensure your new spa makes your day better, every day. That’s the Hot Spring motto. Know that there is a dedicated team of people building the best hot tub for you and your family as fast as they can. Based on the quality of craftsmanship that goes into a Hot Spring Spa, it’s worth the wait!

Shipping from Vista, California to Austin, Texas, Hot Spring Spas are on their way. Have you reserved your new Hot Spring Spa for August yet? Don’t delay! Preorder your Hot Spring Spa now. In the meantime, we have supplies and resources to help prepare your backyard for your new spa, so you’ll be ready when your hot tub arrives.

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