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How Long Should You Spend in a Spa?

When it comes to feeling good, no one wants to put on a timer, but when you soak in your hot tub, you may wonder how much time you should spend in a spa? You definitely want to soak long enough to reap the amazing benefits of hydrotherapy, but not so long that you overheat.

How Much Time Can You Spend in a Spa?

The general recommended time for soaking in a hot tub is between 15-30 minutes, but if you’re wanting to narrow those minutes down to the best time frame for you, here are a few considerations:

  • Outside temperature – The colder it is outside, the longer you may be able to sit in your hot tub.
  • Your physical condition – If you have a heart condition, blood pressure issues, or even if you’re pregnant, you may want to keep your soaks on the shorter side, or lower the temperature of your spa.
  • Gender – Believe it or not, women can withstand heat better than men because of body and muscle mass. 
  • Depth – If you’re fully submerged up to your neck, you may not be able to sit as long. However, if you’re only waist deep, you can probably sit longer.
  • Temperature – The cooler the water, the longer you can sit. Lowering the water temperature is great for parties and group games so that everyone can soak for a while. But you can always keep the temperature up if you need a quick dose of hydrotherapy for pain relief. 

Can I Soak too Long?

Hot tubs are generally safe, but because your body does go through physical changes when you soak in a spa, you don’t want to stay in for too long. The maximum time you should spend in your hot tub, assuming you’re a healthy adult, is 60 minutes, and that’s usually with the temperature lowered to less than 100°F. 

Whatever temperature is comfortable to you, the good news is that hydrotherapy is so effective at decreasing stress and providing pain relief, that all you really need is a good 15 minutes to reap the benefits.

Are you ready to start spending your time more wisely — like in a hot tub? Browse our beautiful selection of hot tubs at SpaExpo! Have any questions about time limits? Ask our spa professionals, we love hearing from you!


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