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How Much Does a Hot Tub Affect Utility Bills?


The average expected cost of your hot tub ‘zen zone’ won’t derail your inner peace, as long as you know what to expect. Have no fear; the SpaExpo of Austin crew has come up with a brief list that may help you understand what your expenses may typically look like.


Electricity use generally costs about $1 a day depending on the rate cost per Kilo and size of the hot tub. New energy-efficient models will typically average closer to $23 per month, whereas older models may not be working at peak performance and will cost more, using an approx. 500-gallon hot tub as an example.

Chemicals & Conditioners

Chemicals may seem daunting, but we have the perfect solution. the SilkBalance spa water care treatment program helps ease the need for continual monitoring for chemical balance. We even have an auto-ship program!  Another option is the ACE salt water system, not only with great skin benefits but it also helps with simplified upkeep and lower monthly costs.

Water Usage

Quarterly draining is definitely a must. The cost of water to re-fill will depend on hot tub capacity size and in the water usage rate bracket your water board assigns. It should be a nominal cost of around $1 per the recommended 4 refills a year.

Liability Insurance

Don’t forget additional insurance to cover this great new investment. Homeowner’s insurance may need to be increased with the coverage to include the hot tub, but should not run more than $20 per year.

Routine Maintenance/Repairs

A new filter at the time of a water change should be every 1 to 2 years; and depending on the model, they may have multiple filters. Expect that cost to range of $20 to $60 each. Cleaning the current ones every time you drain the hot tub will extend the life of the filter.

 Set aside a certain amount of money each month as an “occasional cost fund” for the rare instance you may need some repair work done and for routine parts that are not a monthly cost. Nothing is more frustrating than an incident that calls for a repair, and that cost can potentially be a surprise that you weren’t expecting.

When determining what your electricity and water costs may be, check out your public service providers for a closer look at the rates charged for residential usage. Most providers have this readily available on their websites. Chemical costs can vary and repairs are always a rare instance that you should prepare for. With a little bit of understanding and being prepared, you will be less likely to feel blind-sighted once your new hot tub has been installed and running for a few months.

If you are still deciding on that new hot tub or want additional information, give the SpaExo of Austin a call for further assistance. An even better option is to come to visit our showroom and bring a suit for a soak test. We will help you decide exactly the right hot tub for you.

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