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How to Create the Coolest Backyard Ever

What’s cooler than cool? Trick question: it’s not ice cold, it’s your backyard! We all know how the Texas heat can get in summer, and sometimes it is just unbearable. But, you don’t want to leave your backyard during the best time of the year, either. So, instead of just giving into the summer heat, learn how to create the coolest backyard ever.

Cool Down in Your Swim Spa

Who needs a pool to cool down? Not you! Pools are so overrated. If you want to have the coolest backyard ever, try an Endless Pools® fitness system. The Endless Pools fitness system and swim spa is the perfect combination between a hot tub and a swimming pool. So, you can take a quick dip to cool down from the heat, or even go for a swim! Plus, with additional fitness accessories like the Aqua Bike or Underwater Treadmill, you won’t even have to go in the heat to work out. You can stay cool while exercising at home in the water, and get the added benefits of hydrotherapy. How could that get any better?

Cool Down in Your Hot Tub

If you want to create the coolest backyard ever, try cooling down in your hot tub. That’s right, we said cool down in your hot tub. While you might have bought your hot tub for its main purpose (i.e., being hot), your hot tub comes with a range of temperatures to accommodate your every wish. Without any added features, your Hot Spring® Spas or Freeflow Spas® hot tub can go down to about 80 degrees. This is typically an ideal temperature for a cool down swim. But what if you want your water even colder?

Cool Down with CoolZone™

If you’re looking to really cool down this summer, try adding a CoolZone™ system to your Hot Spring hot tub or Endless Pools fitness system. CoolZone works with your hot tub or swim spa’s heater to make your water even cooler. In fact, with this system, your water temperature can go as low as 60 degrees! While this may seem chilly at first, just think about how good it will feel after a long day in the Texas heat. It’s like taking a cold shower when you’re sunburned. Plus, you will get all of the benefits of cold water therapy, which is great for athletes and those who have pain flares in the summer.  

Cool Down in Austin

Hey, Austin! Now that you know how to create the coolest backyard ever, are you ready to get started? If so, head on over to SpaExpo! We have served Austin, Texas, for over 40 years, so we know how to help you beat the Texas heat. We can help you find the perfect hot tub, swim spa, or combination for your backyard to keep you cool this summer. Come visit our showroom Monday-Saturday from 10-6, give us a call, or contact us online! We can’t wait to help you upgrade your home.

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