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How to Design Your Own Custom-Cut Sauna

You can find a beautiful selection of Finnleo® saunas for just about every space, but sometimes you want or need something a bit different. Whether it’s for your residence, gym, hotel, or health club, you can design your own custom-cut sauna for all your special needs. Create an innovative design with glass doors and wood paneling. Choose your unique bench set-up and even create a work of art with non-traditional angles.

Heating Comes First

Imagine if you stepped into your sauna and cranked up the heat, but the temperature just didn’t quite hit the right spot. Since the main goal of your sauna is to produce heat, choosing a heater that meets all of your steaming expectations is the best place to start. Choose a heater model with coordinating controls that allow you to bring the heat range you desire. It’s also important to pick high-quality heater stones when you begin the design process. 

Size It Right

When it comes to building your custom-cut sauna, size actually does matter. The minimum ceiling height for any sauna is 77’’, while the maximum is 96’’. The most common sauna height is 84’’, so even though there are a few limits, there’s also a wide range of acceptable heights you can choose. Keep in mind that your sauna will need to be insulated on the walls and the ceilings, which adds to the size.

Build Your Benches 

Benches take up floor space, but they’re also really nice to have. Knowing how many people will use your sauna at any given time can be a big help when designing your seating arrangement to maximize the efficiency of your sauna. Most design plans include an upper and lower bench, with consideration of about 2 feet for each sauna user.

Plan for Ventilation 

Step on back into science class and remember that heat always rises, while cold air sinks. You’ll want to pull fresh air through your sauna, so it’s vitally important to position your in-vent below the heater. This allows the heat from your rocks, along with Finnleo’s open-air design on heaters to pull the new air into the sauna. To maximize your air exchange, create your design with your exhaust vent opposite from your in-vent, as closely as possible. 

You know the best part? If you’re ready to start designing your own custom-cut sauna, the professionals at SpaExpo! are here to help you nail down all the details and create the traditional or infrared Finnleo sauna of your dreams. Contact us and let’s get started!

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