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How to Get a Post-Injury Total Body Workout in a Swim Spa

Did you twist your ankle when jumping in rage at the Game of Thrones series ending? Or was it the glory touchdown in the flag football game with the cousins at the family reunion that caused a torn ACL? Not to worry. The Spa Expo of Austin has the perfect solution for your welness goals after an injury. Endless Pools® swim spas alleviate a host of struggles for those that want a great total body workout after doctors and physical therapists have released you to continue your healing at home.

A gentle way to strengthen and tone

Physical and occupational therapists all agree that water fitness programs can be one of the best options for those with injuries or joint discomfort, which prohibit a traditional exercise routine. Not only does it have a softer impact on the body, the added water resistance will make any workout session optimally productive.

When an injury of any type occurs, most patients are hesitant to test limitations. Water therapy has the tendency to calm re-injury fears with the soothing warm water that will ease muscle tension. The medical professionals in charge of your recovery can adapt and tailor your exercise protocol to work within a swim spa. The added benefit of an Endless Pools® swim spa is the relaxing hydromassage jets to help ease the body after any type of workout.

Head, shoulders, knees, and toes

The best way start to any fitness regime is to loosen and stretch. This also helps with range of motion. Start with your head and work your way down each body part by leaning, rotating and/or flexing.

Light as a feather

Did you know that standing in water up to your shoulders lightens your weight by 80%? This is a huge benefit when performing exercises. While buoyancy helps the weight load, the water resistance works towards strengthening the body in the same way that any resistance training does. It provides resistance to the movement, increasing the difficulty without intensifying the pain. This means more of a workout with less stress on the body and less time in the session.

Finding Nemo

Swimming is considered one of the best forms of total body fitness. It elevates your heart rate without impact stress to the body, improves range of motion and strengthens ligaments, and improves cardiovascular fitness while toning muscles. Also, swimming literally works out all of your major muscle groups at the same time. Another great benefit is all the calories you burn!

That’s [not] all Folks!

After recovery, the Endless Pools swim spa will continue to be a terrific resource (and great investment) for total body fitness and can even be the source for social interactions with family and friends. Both the SwimCross series and the Fitness series have additional options that can be added; such as Bluetooth music, In.Touch Wi-Fi with Mobile App, a floor mirror for you to monitor your swim form, and a swim tether for safety. Other add-in options can be included, depending on what size and model swim spa you choose. Resistance bands, a rowing kit, a built-in treadmill, CoolZone® cooling system, and the Endless Pools® pace display can create the perfect-for-you complete workout program once those injuries are a faded memory.

Visit us online to compare which spa is right for you. An even better option would be to call or come visit us for a walk through or workout test in our showroom. Our experienced staff will assist you in finding the perfect swim spa that gets you motivated and excited to have a daily workout regime after an injury and beyond healing.

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