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How to Identify a Quality Hot Tub

How to Identify a Quality Hot Tub

Most people assume that all hot tubs are a Jacuzzi®, when in fact, Jacuzzi® is a brand name of hot tubs, not the actual name for the spa itself. Knowing the difference between not only brand names, but the actual features and models available gets you ever-closer to finding the perfect hot tub to serve your needs. 

Do More Jets Mean Better Bubbles?

It depends. Just because a hot tub has a multitude of jets, doesn’t always mean a better spa experience. Take a closer look and check to see if the jets are a variety of sizes, and whether or not they have different massage settings such as rotating or pulsating actions. If they are all the same size and action, they may not deliver the best spa experience. Make sure the jets are positioned where you need them for your specific hydrotherapy needs. If the jets are all positioned in the shoulder and neck area, they won’t help relieve tension in your lower hips. 

Powerful Pumps

It can be misleading to assume that a more powerful pump makes a quality spa. The fact is the water pump’s power should be on target with the number of jets in a spa and the massage actions you need. This is also important for efficient plumbing. The best way to determine this is with a scheduled test soak. 

Excellent Insulation Equals More Energy Efficient

A high-quality hot tub will save more energy because it will have full-foam insulation, which keeps the spa warmer without needing as much power. Full-foam insulation also protects plumbing by reducing vibrations and lessens noise for a calmer experience. Partially insulated hot tubs have a pocket of air in the cabinet instead and generally don’t hold heat as well.

Our dealers at SpaExpo are experts in high-quality hot tubs, stop by the showroom or contact us today and let us walk you through our amazing selection of hot tubs and swim spas.    

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