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How to Move a Hot Tub

Your hot tub has been essential to your stress relief, pain management, and even entertainment. It quickly became a favorite part of your day, and it feels like a member of the family. So, now that it’s time for you to move, it’s only natural to want to bring your bubbly companion with you. But how do you even begin to move something as magnificent as a spa? 

How to Move a Hot Tub Yourself

If you want to try and orchestrate moving your hot tub yourself, you can. All you need are a few good friends, two 2-by-4’s, two furniture dollies, and some straps. 

You’ll want to pack all of your spa’s accessories separately to keep them safe. This includes your: pumps, heater, plumbing units, electrical units, and blower. Next, drain your tub and grab those friends you called up. Then, gently turn your spa over on its side. Have two people lift one side of the unit up, and slide a 2-by-4 underneath. Then do the same on the other side so that you have a piece of wood on each side and your hot tub is off the ground. 

Now you’ll need to position the furniture dollies with the flat sides under the hot tub. You should have both dollies under the spa. Strap your unit to the dollies, and very carefully, move it to its new home.    

Calling on a Professional

While it is possible to move a hot tub on your own, if you can’t, or don’t feel safe doing so, the best option is to call a professional. While most dealers don’t relocate hot tubs for you, they can usually recommend a dependable company to help. You’ll more than likely have to pay for mileage and other services, but it’s easier and safer for both you and your spa to call a trained pro with the proper moving equipment. Call us if you’d like some recommendations.

Don’t have a hot tub yet? SpaExpo! can help! Swing by our showroom and take a look around our beautiful selection and we’ll help you find the perfect spa to bring to your dream home.


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