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How to Properly Care for a Swim Spa

Are you finally able to call yourself a swim spa owner? Congratulations! Welcome to the plethora of life-changing benefits that comes with owning an Endless Pools® swim spa, like: improved fitness, more fun, and even better sleep! Just like every big investment you’ve ever made, a swim spa requires some attention to keep it running efficiently. We’re excited to share with you how to properly care for a swim spa to guarantee the best fitness and recreation experience possible.

Balancing Your Water

Balancing the water in your swim spa needs to be done quite often, but it only takes a few minutes each week. Taking the time to properly adjust your chemical levels means your swim spa will be clean, safe, and ready-to-use at a moment’s notice.

After each use – You’ll want to check your chlorine levels. Regular household, unscented bleach is all you need, adding it directly to the water as needed. 

Once a week – You’ll need to test the total alkalinity, or TA, and adjust it as needed with sodium bisulfate. 

Every other week – Test your swim spa for calcium hardness, and simply add more fresh water if you find the water is testing too hard. 

Every month – If you use your swim spa quite regularly, you’ll need to check the filter every month. However, if you only swim once or twice a week, you can extend this task to every other month. 

Once a year – Drain and refill your spa once a year, giving it a good scrub down while it’s empty.

Equipment Maintenance 

Just as your water care is vitally important, you’ll also need to give some attention to your swim spa’s equipment. Properly cleaning and servicing your swim spa’s components helps to ensure the longevity of your unit.

Filter care – Once a week, you’ll need to check the skimmer trays and clear debris. This keeps your water flowing properly and allows for efficient water cycles. It’s important to note that the frequency of use and the number of occupants can affect the timing of your filter cleanings.

Swim spa shell – Thanks to its sleek design and acrylic material, if any dirt does stick to your swim spa’s exterior shell, a quick wipe with a microfiber towel should be all it needs. 

Cover – Simply spray down your cover with a garden hose, scrub with a mild soap solution, and rinse. 

Services to Care for a Swim Spa

Need a little assistance to help care for a swim spa? Our technicians are factory trained to service Endless Pools swim spas and not only provide routine maintenance, but repairs as well. We even have an auto-ship program that conveniently ships your chemicals straight to your door every four months! Our team is excited to create the easiest spa-owning experience ever!

Nothing beats the convenience of having a swim spa in your home or backyard, and even though they require a little upkeep, you’ll soon find they are worth every minute. Contact SpaExpo! Today to find the perfect Endless Pools swim spa and to learn more about maintenance!

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