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How to Protect Your Hot Tub When Severe Weather Approaches

If you are a hot tub owner, you need to know how to protect your hot tub when severe weather approaches.

Thankfully, Austin and Travis County rarely get hit with the types of severe weather typical to other portions of the state. According to the Statesman, “the last tropical storm that hit the area was Hermine in 2010.” We are fortunate to reside in an area that is more or less protected by desert winds from the west.

Houston and Galveston are hurricane magnets. Dallas is in Tornado Alley territory. Fact is, Austin has some of the best weather in the state year ‘round.

But, when we get a storm, you might prepare for a genuine gully washer. And we can get severe weather during all four seasons. 

Protect Your Hot Tub from Wind and Rain

We generally have a bit of time to batten down the hatches before a Texas thunderstorm – at least enough to take reasonable precautions.

  • Turn off the power source. Your hot tub is there for your pleasure, not as an electrical point of contact.
  • Secure any unanchored items on the patio or deck area. The wind can turn chairs, tables, and umbrellas into weapons of a war from which your hot tub may not escape unscathed. Move these items to a place protected from the wind. If the wind is a particular concern, prepare well in advance.
  • Make sure your cover is locked down and secured in place. This will keep your spa water from becoming contaminated by falling or flying debris. An automated Covana® cover purchased now can protect your hot tub against the worst Travis County thunderstorms.

Protect Your Hot Tub from Flooding

Flooding can be a problem, especially if your property is in a low-lying area or near the river. Hopefully, flooding will be temporary and not too severe.

  • As with a thunderstorm, turn off the power source. Also, consider waterproofing or removing any equipment that might be damaged by flooding. Protect your hot tub pumps and motors with securely sealed plastic sheeting.
  • Do not drain your spa. The weight of the water within it will serve to protect your hot tub in place.

Protect Your Hot Tub from a Tornado

The chances of a tornado in Austin are about as great a snowfall or heavy freeze. We average 19 nights per year when the temperature dips below 32º F, and we rarely experience a hard freeze.

Tornados, on the other hand, are highly unpredictable. They can happen nearly anywhere, even outside of Tornado Alley.

If your home appears to be in the path of an oncoming tornado, we urge you to do whatever is necessary to protect your family. Your hot tub and your home can be replaced. Your family cannot.

Take a few minutes to think through these ideas. Then, develop an action plan best suited to protect your hot tub in the event of severe weather.

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