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How to Tell if Your Hot Tub Needs Service

As a new hot tub owner, you probably have a lot of questions about your hot tub. Is the water supposed to be like that? Am I just overreacting? Should I call someone? We’ll help you figure out how to tell if your hot tub needs service.

Is Your Hot Tub Hot?

One of the most important features of a hot tub is it, well, being hot. Unless you have it set to a cooler temperature, your hot tub water should most definitely be hot. If you find that it is consistently not at the temperature you set it, your hot tub may need service. 

Before scheduling a service, make sure your hot tub cover is on and secure between uses. If you’re not using your hot tub cover or it is not on properly, that may be your issue. But if your hot tub water still isn’t the right temperature, calling a professional is the best option.

What is the Water Like?

After temperature, issues with your hot tub water are one of the main reasons your hot tub will need service. Before you request service though, be sure you are caring for your hot tub correctly. Are you checking your water balance and adding chemicals as often as you should be? If not, see if that solves your issue first.

If you are caring for your hot tub correctly, seek service if your hot tub has any of the following issues:

  • an odd odor
  • murky or dark water
  • foamy or cloudy water
  • algae in the water
  • changing water levels/leaks

These issues could be from your filter not working properly, a clog, issues with your drain, or a variety of other problems. Regardless of the underlying cause, you should contact one of our professionals for service with any of these problems.

Are Your Controls Working?

Though not as common as other issues, you may run into issues with your hot tub controls. This could be the control panel yourself, or other issues, like your hot tub jets not working properly.

Water and electronics don’t mix well. So, if you are having any issues with the control panel on your hot tub, you want to contact a professional immediately. Do not attempt to fix these issues yourself. It’s not worth the risk.

When Was the Last Time Your Hot Tub was Serviced?

Sometimes you get really lucky and don’t have any obvious issues with your hot tub, so it’s hard to tell if your hot tub needs service. If you can’t tell if your hot tub needs serviced, think back to the last time it was serviced. Was it over a year ago? 

Hot tubs should have a professional tune-up at least once a year to make sure there are no issues with your hot tub. Not only will this check for any unknown issues, it may help prevent larger issues in the future, like a major leak. 

Whether your hot tub just needs a tune-up or needs a more urgent service, SpaExpo in Austin is here to help. We’ll service any hot tub we’ve sold since 1982. Just submit a service request online and one of our technicians will be out to fix your hot tub soon.

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