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Increase Your Flexibility with a Sauna!

Becoming more flexible is not always easy. Stiff muscles and joints, and even past injuries can stop us from reaching the full range of motion that comes with flexibility. However, becoming more flexible comes with many health benefits. Here’s a tip: you can increase your flexibility with a sauna!

You Don’t Want to Miss the Health Benefits of Flexibility

So, what are the health benefits of flexibility, aside from being able to touch your toes? According to the article “Benefits of flexibility exercises” from Harvard Health Publishing, increasing your flexibility:

  • Prevents injuries
  • Lessens back pain
  • Improves balance and posture

The article also states that “…experts no longer recommend stretching before exercise.” Instead, they suggest that you start with a warm-up to get the blood flowing and oxygenated. This will make your muscles warm and supple. Then you can do your stretches. Or even wait to do your flexibility exercise as part of your cool-down routine.

Add a Sauna to Your Exercise Routine

Why not add a sauna session as part of your warm-up routine? Just a few minutes in your sauna will relax tight muscles, giving your warm-up a boost. A Finnleo® infrared sauna is especially useful for exercising, as it provides full-body heat without wet steam. Then go for a walk or jog or do a little dance in your living room. Do whatever you like that gets your blood pumping and your body ready to move!

If you’re looking for an excellent post-workout cool-down routine, check out Austin YouTuber, Yoga with Adriene, and her video on yoga for flexibility. She has some great tips on becoming more flexible without injuring yourself or forcing your body into tough positions.

With a proper warm-up, gentle stretches, and exercises — plus just a few minutes in your sauna each day, you’ll increase your flexibility in no time. At SpaExpo in Austin, we offer both infrared and traditional Finnleo indoor saunas. If you can’t find a standard model that fits your home and lifestyle, no worries! We can also order a custom-cut Finnleo sauna, cut to your specific needs. Stop by our Health & Wellness showroom today, and we’ll help you create the indoor sauna that’s made just for you. Stay flexible, Austin!

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