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Spa Expo

We are the go-to dealer for HotSpring® Spas in Austin, Texas

Feeling is believing. When shopping for hot tubs, you can easily be tricked by a spa that’s filled with dozens of shiny chrome jets or fitted with “gadget” jet packs.  But what’s the function of each?  Is the water flow through each one based on its benefit to a specific area of your body? Are the pumps powerful enough to deliver a deep massage when needed and adjustable enough to deliver a gentle relaxing touch when that’s what you want?

A HotSpring Spa is carefully designed with a variety of proprietary jet types, strategically placed to deliver just the right type of massage right where it’s needed, whether it’s your aching lower back or the soles of your feet.  There is no need to remove “jet packs” or reconfigure your tub, simply slide from seat to seat for a different massage.  In a HotSpring Spa every seat is your favorite!

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