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Everything You Need to Know about Installing a Swim Spa or Endless Pool in Austin, Texas

Installing a Swim Spa is actually an easy process, only slightly more difficult when a Home Owners Association or HOA is involved.  We’ll address HOA first because most shoppers can skip past that and move on the ‘good stuff’!

If Your Neighborhood Has an HOA

You’ll need to obtain a copy of the bylaws and review.  It will include specific requirements regarding swimming pools, in-ground and above-ground versions.  Rarely will it address hot tubs or spas.  This is important because the language you use in your request to install a Swim Spa to the HOA Board will have significant bearing on the ultimate outcome or ease to obtain their approval.  When submitting a request, refer to the appliance as a Swim Spa, not an above-ground pool.  Keep in mind, your HOA neighbors have a preconceived vision of what an above-ground pool is, upscale neighborhoods with HOAs typically do not view them favorably.  A Swim Spa, however, can be purchased with a finished cabinet to be installed ‘above grade’, partially or completely recessed.  Always include photos of installations that are similar to yours.  You can get photos and help with submitting your HOA request from your Spa Expo representative.

If your doctor prescribes a Swim Spa for health reasons, be sure to include that in your request.

3 men installing a swim spa or Endless Pool in Austin, Texas
Austin Swim Spa Delivery

Placement and Access

Decide where you want your new Swim Spa, then you can address how to place it.  Setting the swim spa on a concrete pad is the most popular – it is the least expensive and allows for easy access for service and maintenance.  VERY IMPORTANT – do not place under power lines or within 15’ of power lines in plan!  Swims Spas can be recessed either partially or completely, but requires a ‘vault’ much larger than the unit itself to accommodate service access.  Spa Expo utilizes Facetime with customers to help determine best placement and access for installation.  It’s as easy as walking around your house with your cell phone.

Most swim spas are muscled to the back or side yard on pipes much like the Egyptians moved large stone blocks, sometimes down the driveway and through the fence to its final destination on your pad.  If there’s a rear entrance alley, it may be as simple as removing a section or two of fence.  SOMETIMES it takes a crane, but not a problem.  Austin Spa Expo has crane companies lined up for these types of installations.  Reach will determine the size of crane needed, so cost will vary from $1500 – $3000, maybe more.


Swim Spas are 230v and most require 60amps, so you will need an electrician to inspect your service panel.  They will determine the best route to provide service to the area (attic, exterior wall, underground, etc).  Again, Spa Expo can refer licensed electricians who are familiar with our products and provide outstanding service.  A Swim Spa requires a sub-panel or ‘shut off’ panel located in sight of the unit but no closer than 10 feet.  Usually placed on the exterior house wall, the sub-panel is weatherproof much like the shutoff box for you’re a/c units.

‘No-turn, swim-in-place’ swim spas can be installed in weeks, not months like the in-ground pool alternative.  An Endless Pool® Fitness System swim spa from Austin Spa Expo is a popular option for home training, fitness and fun, and we are here to help.  Schedule a test swim today, huge inventory for immediate delivery.

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